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  1. I don't know why but I feel like CF would put a 299 foot b&m hyper here and say it's the worlds tallest hyper coaster.
  2. I'm pretty sure everyone understands that. For the amount of people who visit the park I'm pretty sure it's well rounded.
  3. Hopefully this is is one of the last standup coasters to get the floorless conversion.
  4. I thought six flags America was treated poorly by corporate but it's nowhere near as bad as Cedar Fairs treatment to Dorney and Michigans Adventure.
  5. Well this wasn't necessarily gp but on one of the other forums this guy said Hershey has a Giga wing coaster.
  6. Nah I'd rather get one of the S&S 4d free spins. Or a good family coaster and some flats.
  7. The only reason I wouldn't say that is a surprise is because so many people are speculating it.
  8. I'm kinda jealous a lot of parks are having the notes leaked. I wish someone would for this park.
  9. Ok so I am not sure if this works Different at six flags Mexico compared to its us compared to its us counterparts. But you purchase it once and reserve ride times. again I am not sure how this works at the Mexico location. Also it may not be necessary for you to buy one so wait until you get to the park and survey what the lines are looking like because you don't want to purchase a flash pass just for the rides to have 5 minute waits.
  10. You and joby_dimms are perfect for each other: two butthurt Cedar Point fanboys. Nah joby_dimms was pissing off cedar point fanboys in that thread. I say he lives in Delaware where there aren't any good amusement parks and he's pissed about that so his quest is to go piss everyone else off.
  11. Not trying to be a jerk but you must not know that much about coasters. Hershey does not have A Giga Wing Coaster. Hershey does Have A hyper coaster. Nor do they have an inverted clone or Lim launch coaster. Great Bear is actually a unique b&m invert. And storm runner is an intamin accelerator coaster which uses a catapult launch like Kingda ka and Top thrill dragster.
  12. If six flags bought the parks I think it's safe to say that Sea World San Antonio Would close unless they wanted to do a Combo Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Sea World Combo ticket. And Great White would be relocated to SFA, Great Escape or SFDK.
  13. I'm just mad we have to wait an extra two days to see what's coming.
  14. Most Definitely not. Why would they get a free spin right after Joker. There are many other parks in line for a coaster before them. SFA, Sfstl, Sfot, Great Escape, La Ronde.
  15. I forgot to mention apocalypse won't be shipped with the theming.
  16. The one with the out of place airtime hill and crawl to the break run.
  17. Six Flags America 2017- Roar Rmc 2018- S&S Free Spin 2019- Relocated Flats & Waterpark expansion 2020- Family Coaster( Something along the lines of Harley Quinn Crazy Train) & DC Super Friends 2021- New Restaraunt
  18. The only problem is some parks already have batman themed rides so it would be redundant. I meant if they had all been custom in the first place. Just dreaming here. that would've been great but I don't think six flags was trying to spend that much money. What would really be cool if the slc's were custom.
  19. The only problem is some parks already have batman themed rides so it would be redundant.
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