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  1. Nope we'll at the least accept a Ninja And Boomerang combo package.
  2. KD's lines are mostly not walk-ons. Volcano, Intimidator, Flight of fear, and Backlot Stunt coaster always have lines that are at least 30 mins. Anaconda is definitely long because of the lack of a fast lane line.
  3. That's not sad news. I'd take that over a super loop or aqua spin any day Why can't we get a relocated b&m? Why can we not get a BIG,REAL (not janky 26 year old boomerang) and not a spinny 20 second flip machine Amazing how low the expectations have dropped for SFSTL fans when they'd rather have a used B&M coaster than a new S&S coaster. I'll see if SFA is done with Iron Wolf. I'm sure they'd let you have it and then they would get your S&S We are willing to trade for Batman: The ride, River King mine train or Mr. Freeze.
  4. Why stop at hyper? What about a strata? You know what, screw stratas. Make it the world's first terra coaster. And have B&M build it. Sorry... I think there would have been a little more hype if it was a hyper (pun not intended). Well they haven't gotten a new coaster since I305 so they are well overdue for a new coaster. I'm not sure they would wait this long to add something mediocre like a skyrocket II plus Busch has that. The only gap in there line up is a Hyper Coaster.
  5. Maybe the fact that they are announcing on the 20th instead of the 18th could mean something. Possibly a hyper? I doubt it but it's possible.
  6. Based on the area of the park you described it seems like it's possible to open the whole park. From the boardwalk to nitro arguably seems about the same size as all of six flags America but the area from the boardwalk to nitro could be shorter than it seems.
  7. Is it just me or does the word rolling in that Facebook post lead you to think its gonna be a coaster
  8. I would love to see a revival of Batman: the ride clones or even better the beginning of original b&m inverts at at the parks that don't have them in the chain.
  9. Yeah it should be fun. And know I know not to get my hopes up and think that Superman and Batwing will be open.
  10. Well I've heard that they closed portions of the park at Great Adventure and I was wondering if it was most of the park or not. Also how crowded is it at the other parks and is there a certain temperature that it has to be for the coasters to operate.
  11. Has anyone here been to Holiday in the park at other six flags parks. I'm really curious about how it works.
  12. Probably. I'm pretty sure that's the last day for the water park so it will be crowded.
  13. I would imagine Jokers Jinx would be hard to do as the elements aren't very spaced out and the ride is just fast paced. It would be unique though. In the Launch your in the bat cave launching out of it in the batmobile or batwing and for the rest your chasing Joker through Gotham.
  14. 100% agree. It would definitely take the beauty from the parks that you don't get with cedar fair and six flags parks. And Imagine what cedar fair or six flags would do to sesame place. It definitely wouldn't be adding more family rides. In fact I feel like it would just end up closed like geugua lake.
  15. Thank God they are getting rid of it. Superman was definitely the wrong coaster for that. They should've done New Revolution or Rage of the gargoyles on apocalypse.
  16. I don't think so. It might be because most people don't rush to that coaster.
  17. If your visiting on a weekday the only crowd you'll run into is maybe some summer camps. On weekends it's a little busier. Longest line you might see is about 1 hour and thirty minutes. You should hit The water park and get that done in the morning. After that head to Jokers Jinx and Batwing by around 2 but no later than 5 go to Superman it will have the shortest lines then because no VR. After that Head to Mardi Gras do FireBall, Voodoo drop, and Wild One. Rajin Cajun tends to have longer lines. So if it fills the queue Just forget it. It's not worth more than 15 minute wait. After that the rest of the coasters are pretty much walk-ons at most 10 minute waits. Eating wise I suggest chop six and the sit down restaraunt in Coyote Creek across from Mind Eraser.
  18. Hopefully corporate realizes this park needs a new coaster. Being a gold pass holder I visit almost every weekend and the lines for jokers jinx are atrocious especially during fright fest. The park really needs a new coaster to alleviate long waits on a few coasters.
  19. If it happens like that the mid-Atlantic would attract a lot of attention.
  20. I agree. I don't see them investing in more than 2 per year. I could see the three JL rides, the rmc roar, and at most 3 4D's. With a flat ride package thrown in.
  21. I think hurler would be better off with a gci retrack or what would be cool is if gravity group came in a retracked it. The gci retrack seems the most likely to me. But why are we talking about KD in a SFA thread.
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