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  1. There is also a rumor that they could get a justice league, 4d free spin, RMC, flat ride package, or DC super friends.
  2. Six Flags doesn't do a bunch of teasing like Cedar Fair. And where did you hear this sh*tty rumor at.
  3. Sorry for the double post. Then we'll have 2 family coasters. Waste of money. If we get a retheme, that should be a secondary announcement, as it wouldn't cost a lot. We already have plenty of kid rides in two sections. Great adventure has 5 family coasters. Runaway mine train, Harley Quinn's crazy train, the dark knight coaster, skull mountain and road runner express.
  4. Hopefully six flags doesn't follow Cedar Fair with the floorless conversions. It takes away from the nostalgia of the ride. I think people forget that this was the Very First B&m rollercoaster.
  5. I'm very curious, but not letting my hopes up for SFSTL. At least Six Flags isn't teasing a whole bunch getting people's hopes up like cedar fair did.
  6. It would get the DC super friends one because the second kiddie area is in Gotham city. Maybe we could see the addition of a family coaster.
  7. You don't want those. I'm pretty sure we still have the ultra twister in storage and y'all can have for just the price of batman: the ride or river king mine train.
  8. Yeah. Plus KD is the 3rd best CF park under CP and KI. (Although I personally would put KI and KD over CP, because quality over quantity, but I'm just going by the popular opinion.) I didn't know carowinds just closed.
  9. I wouldn't count on it, at least with Green Lantern or Riddler's Revenge, since each of those parks already has a floorless. Given how Georgia Scorcher is widely regarded as one of the best stand-ups, I'd rule it out as well...leaving only Apocalypse and *maybe* Cobra at La Ronde if B&M would be willing to retrofit a coaster that isn't theirs (then again, they DID make Steel Dragon trains...). Six flags could possibly just add sit down trains instead of having to add safety floors to the station.
  10. Nah. Take ninja! It's very smooth! Deal and we'll give it a crappy name like Goliath to make the deal sweeter.
  11. We here at Six Flags America would gladly take that boomerang off your hands.
  12. The park cleared out a lot once the Waterpark closed. Anyway I was able to take a lap on Roar and it definitely got smoother since last season.
  13. Dropping in today but this might just be a flat ride day. If I get on a coaster or two I'll do a little report on those. Update: Park is very crowded.
  14. 50 people is definitely gonna hurt KD. 50 people is definitely gonna make them build Terra winged inverted standup rmc Aquatrax. They'll probably make more money from the more families visiting the park than they did off of you and your 50 friends.
  15. This is exactly why I don't understand all the Damn six flags hate. This years Cedar Fair announcement were a bunch of flat rides and water park expansions. Meanwhile six flags is adding JL, Rmc and 4d freespins
  16. Doubt it's for this year but eventually I would love one. Maybe with an entirely new theme. They could have it madden themed since it's by EA
  17. Well jokes don't come across well on the Internet. And some sarcastic comments are okay but at the rate your going you seem to be serious about some of the things you are saying.
  18. https://www.change.org/p/cedar-fair-ceo-matt-ouimet-save-the-big-dipper?recruiter=false&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink&recuruit_context=copylink_long
  19. Unless SFA's roar is totally different which its not. Roar west was far from perfection.The layout was basically a bunch of over banked turn with a few airtime hills here and there.
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