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  1. I'll pass on Zoomazon Falls. I actually got kicked in the head due to the guard at the top letting someone else down before I reached the bottom. So yeah no more of that slide for me.
  2. A or B wouldn't be 'the new ride'. It would be something that they do extra. I bombed badly with last year's guess...lol..,.but what type of enthusiast would I be if I didn't. Top three guesses: 1. Discovery 2. Raptor 3. Spinsanity (I'll be butt hurt). I'd Switch 1 and 2 and replace Spinsanity with Tourbillon for 3.
  3. What happened to the Pirates dark ride that was supposed to open around memorial day?
  4. Well that's weird, apparently we share the same pipe dream. I'd settle for a free spin in that spot with a giant discovery the year after.
  5. Yeah. Wahoo River itself has had a borderline negative affect on the waterpark (loss of main stage, Only one walkway, etc) but due to its seemingly cheap price they added essential upgrades such as new flooring in the wave pool and brand new equipment for the kids water play area.
  6. Does anybody know how much the Lazy River upgrade costed? I doubt it was super high considering that the final product isn't all that different.
  7. Yeah, I was going to skip Superman for another ride on Wicked Cyclone or my first ride on Harley Quinn. I didn't really notice any rattle on Wicked Cyclone but I'd still agree that Superman is far surperior even with the pain stakingly slow one train ops.
  8. Mini-TR: Six Flags New England 7/14/2018 My family and I took the long journey from Baltimore to Agawam as a late Birthday trip for my 16th Birthday. It was a pretty packed day and by no means was I able to hit everything, partly due to my 4 hour stint in the waterpark. I was able to do Wicked Cyclone, Pandemonium, Batman: Dark Knight, Joker, Catwoman's Whip, Gotham City Gauntlet and Superman: The Ride. Wicked Cyclone: Caught this coaster in the earlier part of the day. I expected it to be Top 3 material but came off a little disappointed. I was expecting Skyrush style ejector and just an insanely fast paced ride but ended up getting a more tame ride in my opinion. Definitely in my top 10 but just wasn't what I was expecting. 8/10 Pandemonium: Amazingly fun. Family coaster. In my opinion every park needs a family coaster along the lines of this one. My home park's family coaster is Rajin Cajun and the amount of fun experienced on that pales in comparison to the amount of fun had on Pandemonium. 7/10 Joker: I've ridden the one at Great Adventure. Got a couple more flips this time but nothing different about this one. 6/10 Batman: Dark Knight: Extremely middle of the road floorless coaster. Probably my least favorite of the floorless coasters due to the pacing. 5/10 Catwoman's Whip: Standard Zierer Tivoli. SFA should get one. Gotham City Gauntlet: Quite possibly the worst Wild Mouse I've ever been on. Superman: The Ride: And to think I was going to skip this one. My oh my is this an amazing coaster. This coaster mixes Superman: Ride of Steel airtime with skyrush-esque turns albeit less intense. This coaster is truly a masterpiece and earned my #2 spot behind I305. 9.9/10
  9. The "Joker was here" stickers make me believe that something that actually impacts the experience of the ride is coming. I'm gonna hop on the modified train bandwagon.
  10. Thanks for the information. Do you or anybody else have any similar insight about the Waterpark?
  11. Hello all, my home park is SFA and I will be taking the long journey from Baltimore to Agawam over the weekend. I'll likely have one full day at the park on saturday and may possibly have a few hours on Sunday but i'm not holding my breath on that. Is it possible that y'all can inform me on what to expect, what policies are different from those at SFA and what the must-dos are outside of the major rides. I'd also love any tips about how to have a much better day at the park. Thank you in Advance.
  12. I doubt west coast racers is for SFA. Maxx Force is a possibility however. If Roar closes this month maybe that could be the name of it when it opens as an RMC next year
  13. Hmmm, It does seem to be listed as closed. In the past few years it hasn't closed for some type of mid-season maintenance. It may just be closed due to the 4th of July Fireworks coming from that area but if it ends up being closed any longer It is likely a mechanical problem.
  14. It's sad that the media decided to report this of all the stories they could report about the park. A story about how people are getting their ears bashed in on Mind Eraser.
  15. It's definitely very useful. It's really only lacking cosmetically.
  16. While I was at the park, I was able to get a quick peek at the site and it looks as though they're a little ways to go from completion. It's definitely not opening within the next week and a half though.
  17. I'm currently stuck on Roar's break run. This is something that's been happening a lot recently.
  18. At the park today and lines are longer than usual. Also they are running dual stations on Batwing
  19. I'm working with around 150 followers do not that much on that end. it i figured that by having access to media events and the such that would help grow my follower base. But after reading what you said, I think i'll take the the time to grow my account to a reasonable size before trying to the stuff that I want to do. Thanks for the Information it is much appreciated.
  20. Hello Mr.Alvey. I have been trying to start my own small scale coaster group. I was wondering how I should go about creating relationships with park higher ups to gain access into media events ? Should I simply send them an email or is there more to it?
  21. Does anybody know if Wahoo River is completed yet. They've got about 10 days until the water park opens and the absence of that leisure pool and lazy river would lead to an overly crowded wave pool and ridiculously long lines for slides.
  22. Maybe they want to buy a couple of FEC's and try to expand those.
  23. What parks would they buy? Cedar Fair is definitely not selling and I doubt any park worthwhile would sell for cheap.
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