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  1. Y'all are too optimistic. Darien Lake will surely not be getting a free spin.
  2. ^It was pretty much all of the Major ones give or take a few characters. I took a brief visit to the park today and it was pretty crowded. It happened to be a company day for Lindsay automotive. To make maters worse Halfpipe, Zoomazon Falls, Bonzai Pipelines and the slides at the pool were all closed. The wave pool was also closed for an extended period of time due to someone getting sick. Around 5:30 a very weak storm rolled in and drove a decent portion of the crowd out of the park. This led to the dry park being much more manageable. Outside of atrocious single train ops on ROAR, everything was fine in the dry park. BTW, the electric work seems to be done.
  3. I don't think they're going to add one. I think it may have just been for the purpose of seeing which characters are more relevant.
  4. If you put your real age in that may be a factor because I don't get them either but here's the link:https://feedback.sixflags.com/advisorypanel/startsurvey.aspx?s=heroes&cid=%%cid%%&e=sjackson%40son.umaryland.edu&utm_source=surveyemails&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:&utm_campaign=2018-01%20Heroes%20and%20Villains%20Survey%20-%20Wave%209
  5. ^ I politely disagree. I believe they are putting the skywarps in parks with minimal space and space is no issue at SFA.
  6. I'd love to live where tolls are 50 cents. They range from about 1.20 to 14 dollars on the east coast.
  7. Firebird was indeed a name on the survey. From the looks of it, they want to use it on an inversion heavy coaster.
  8. I'm pretty sure Firebird was a name on the survey. I'll doublecheck.
  9. I don't think it's got anything to do with Iron Eagle. It appears to be the 1968 Pontiac Firebird embelem (example below)and it appears to be on the gas tank of the car.
  10. I wonder what they could be trying to tell us. The logo is from a pontiac firebird and the calendar has august 16th (National Rollercoaster day) circled. I'm gonna go with the wild guess of a Brand new coaster with a firebird themed train.
  11. Cedar Fair: I305 Six Flags: El Toro SeaWorld Entertainment: Manta Universal: Incredible Hulk Disney Parks: Space Mountain Parques Reunidos:Kingdom Coaster Independent:Skyrush
  12. Mind Eraser cool in the front but riding anywhere else is a suicide mission.
  13. 1. On a Monday you should nearly have the park to yourself. Most camps visit later in the week. 2. Front and Back on Superman and Wild one. Front Seat only on everything else. 3. Hurricane Harbor is definitely worth your time we have slides that great america doesn't have such as Bonzai Pipelines and Halfpipe. Even on 4th of July it wasn't overwhelmingly packed. 4.I'm not sure. Additional Tips: Outside of the coasters ride Wonder Woman it's a really fun ride. If you plan on eating in the park, I suggest the Saloon by Mind Eraser, The offerings are similar to that of JB's at other parks. Also what area of Maryland or Virginia do you plan on staying in?
  14. I'm currently on Mobile but i'll try a little later when i get home.
  15. Here's a link to the above mentioned photos: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156477399384854&id=310053629853&set=ms.c.eJxljskNwEAMAjuKfGB76b~_xlaI8IvwdwYCbV2MmSTZO4fGPwMySf5JkroyXZhDQ1lECaquNYo61XlRPQ8mkerA~_B9R81vqs1rzrFzaQPjw~-.bps.a.10156477399244854.1073741842.310053629853&source=48
  16. Does anybody remember the website to view Building Permits applications by the park?
  17. Geesh, Ohio's minimum wage is low. I'm making $10.10 in Baltimore, Maryland.
  18. Those teasers are very likely not for Valleyfair. The coordinates and locations were for CGA and KD.
  19. Nah, put the Raptor in the area between the Skycoaster and PBR so it can have some interaction with other rides. I'd rather see the field used for a flat ride expansion a Sky Rocket 2 would most definitely not compliment the park. Jokers Jinx is a far superior launched coaster.
  20. It depends on how heavy its raining. Almost all rides will operate in a drizzle but once it's starts pouring there's nothing. SFA lacks any type of indoor attraction outside of 2 shows.
  21. Finally a trip-report that doesn't bash the staff and "clientele". But seriously glad you enjoyed your day at the park and sorry to hear that all the water rides were down. While uninspiring they are still pretty fun rides.
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