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  2. I think corporate realized that they needed to add something of significant to the park even if it is just a freespin. They would be crazy if they didn't add something notable while its closest competitors Hershey and KD are getting huge attractions for next year.
  3. Shoot the Chutes is a maintenance nightmare so I'm thinking it's likely that but then again RMC has one project we have yet to find out about.
  4. That looks like the ground in the Chesapeake area so we could definitely see RMC Roar, Removal of Shoot the Chutes, or Removal of Pirate Ship.
  5. How long a drive was it for from Maryland to Cedar Point? If you drive it all the way through its about 8 hours but if you break it up w/ a stop in Pitt or Canton it is much more manageable.
  6. After riding Wicked Twister this weekend, I began to realize that we truly would have been in for a treat. Is it supposed to be the number one coaster at the park? No, But in a park like SFA it would be a great supporting coaster to Superman. I'm really hoping SFGam makes an announcement about its removal in the coming weeks.
  7. Sorry to break up the conversation, but if you are ever in the Canton area, you gotta go to Swensons. The food is F*cking amazing.
  8. Do the coasters at CP have Single rider lines. I'm visiting the park today and I'm working with limited time.
  9. Whatever ride this ends up being will definitely be themed to Cyborg. I'm guessing the worlds first is coming from it being the worlds first ride themed to Cyborg.
  10. I'm sticking with S&S 4D. Whatever it is should be a sizable addition compared to previous years. Now if that does come to pass . . . . well, here's three possible locations for it: 1. Between Superman: Ride of Steel and Batwing 2. It replaces Penguin's Blizzard River 3. It replaces the Gotham City Arena Option 1 is the most logical . . . at least in my opinion. And of course the naming . . . . I'd say Harley Quinn's Crazy Spin (of course in her colors of red/black) 1 is probably the least likely because of the fact there is a transformer in the middle of that plot of land. They would have to put the ride far into the land that could easily be used better. The most likely spot IMO is where PBR is. While I would be sad to see it go, it seems very likely that's where it would go. In regards to the name, It would probably be called some thing they've already used like Harley Quin Spinsanity.
  11. I'm sticking with S&S 4D. Whatever it is should be a sizable addition compared to previous years.
  12. Hopefully they play Delirious by Steve Aoki during the ride cycle.
  13. It seems like Cedar Fair is giving Valleyfair! all the Six Flags rides. New For 2019 Jester 4D free fly coaster and in 2020 Avengers: Battle for NYC.
  14. After some searching I finally found the page where SFA's planing applications are located. Here's the link: http://mncppcapps.org/planning/permits/permits.aspx?passURL=Yes The address is 13710 Central Ave. Their is currently nothing up for next year but it appears that the park applies for a permit the year of the addition instead of the year of the announcement.
  15. Does anyone know if the park has considered buying Timberliners for The Voyage?
  16. Ignorance at its finest Seriously... WTF is this joke even supposed to mean? He just included it for some light-hearted, casual racism/classism?
  17. ^ Not as silly as KD having several rides including major coasters that aren't even at the park in their TV commercial.
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