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  1. I have had some really fun experiences with some of my favorite older flatrides at parking lot carnivals - especially at Taft High School. A few years ago, the carnies were putting us on their Huss Breakdance and Eyerly Spider for ridiculous amounts of time; every time they stopped us to ask if we'd had enough, we'd beg for more... my wife and I are just sick people.
  2. It'd be funny if you could put up a stat for how many of those posts came from people's "workplaces"
  3. If "Manos: Hand of Fate" is the worst movie ever made, Superstar Limo is the Manos of Disney Dark Rides.
  4. Speed: The Ride at Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas - Excellent Premier launched coaster, loads of fun and forces, very rerideable; definitely the best coaster in Nevada.
  5. The stretch (counts the people in the preshow area), make it a Super Stretch Limos of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith.
  6. I love how the "Sold Out" sign in the picture lined up with her face
  7. I've got a Dyson Animal, and a road wheel from Jaguar.
  8. Way to go Chris! I don't think they've handled squashing bugs in RCT3 too well, either
  9. The skyline of MM is finally gonna really resemble the skyline of Wally World
  10. I remember right after Superman opened, sitting at the employee cafeteria, and hearing trains go - when suddenly we heard a TERRIBLE smash sound in the roof of the patio. A blue shirt (maintenance guy) hopped the railing and pulled himself up on the roof to see what was up there. He had to pry it loose, but apparently, somebody's steel bodied camera (with a Hasselblad lens) took a flight off the ride and buried itself in the corrugated metal roof. Just after that, things got REALLY strict for loose items.
  11. I've been to USH more than Joey! (not by much) Next up would be SFMM, Then after that would be Disneyland
  12. Space Mountain at Disneyland is NOT a Vekoma product; not before, not after the rebuild... Anybody care to make a wager?
  13. I wonder how operations at CP will be affected by the ticket price drop? Could we see less staffing?
  14. I see a couple of posts mentioning "dual tracks" on this ride, but I don't see anything on the site, or the video tour that resembles that - it's a two car train of vehicles, but one track as far as I can tell.
  15. I think all the B&M fanboys having multiple "nerdgasms" have killed La Ronde's site...
  16. The only way it'll be a 500 footer is if it's a... LSM LAUNCHED STAND UP WOODEN COASTER!!!!!! (with 12 inversions, and a 36" height requirement)
  17. That's because it's so expensive to live in L.A. - you skip a few meals so you can make the rent...
  18. The only redeeming quality of that ride for me WAS the bunny hops...
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