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  1. Wow! With the exception of switching out a Eyerly Spider for the Power Surge, that's my list, too.
  2. Just a few silly comments in here... Millennium Force was the most boring hyper (or giga, or whatever stupid marketing tag they wanna use) coaster I've ever ridden Mantis, was the most painful standup I've ever ridden - and yes, I've ridden Togo standups. The best coasters at Cedar Point are some of their smaller ones, Blue Streak and Gemini; the only reason my wife and I enjoyed CP so much was the non-coaster rides - which they've recently started to slide on... SFMM doesn't have that great of a collection of coasters, either. CP has had, what, 3 years of declining attendance? If had to choose between the two, I'd find a new hobby
  3. That wood's probably for forms for concrete such as walkways, ramps and stairs
  4. Some sort of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
  5. Hard drives out of my main computer Our framed Aerosmith autographed guitar Aerosmith signed banner Aerosmith gold record award RnRC Opening day stuff
  6. Legoland - all those soccer moms and ankle biting monsters that can't do anything wrong in mama's eyes....
  7. Here's my wife and I, and some buddies on Space Mountain at DL - days before it shutdown for it's big rehab. (We were all wearing prismatic lens glasses, a fun accessory for SM riding)
  8. There are far worse things to happen to a park...
  9. I rode Jaguar: Temple of Sacrifice (you sacrifice otherwise good Haunt time to ride it) last night.
  10. My wife and I will be there... I'll probably be wearing a Revenge of the Mummy hat and jacket; just to piss Joey off
  11. ^ Hopes to survive a binge at Chocolate World < Would like the fires to stop, so he can breathe better V Wants to see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  12. It used to change a lot more from year to year, and there are many of us who used to look forward to the changes. I'll still be going this year, but not as many times as I used to.
  13. We're going this Saturday (and Halloween night as well). VIP Prescare both nights, as well.
  14. At least this time when we called, they KNEW what the VIM pre-scare dinner WAS... Last year when we called, we spoke to three different people, including a supposed supervisor, who all acted like we didn't know what we were ordering.
  15. My favorite band ever? Oingo Boingo - and because of them, I met Robb and a lot of other very cool people. Aerosmith (anybody that's seen our house, or my wife's car can attest to that one) Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon is etched into my DNA at this point
  16. This is the last sentence I'll type before I go to sleep
  17. Great TR I love the Parking Lot trams - especially where it says "Memories of Concorde" on the side
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