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  1. Scandia Screamer - http://rcdb.com/id399.htm Hi-Milers ROCK!
  2. If they keep neglecting/destroying their past, they'll have no future...
  3. Wow, they say the school systems here in southern California are bad
  4. I miss Rev running 4 trains - the crews used to look like they were some kind of drill team. The line would LOOK really long, but move almost continuously.
  5. I once had "Love in an Elevator", but not at a Disney park
  6. We had a really good dinner, then watched the Theme Park Review European Coaster Odyssey dvd - now my family is 100% sure that I'm crazy
  7. Bea Arthur just walked by Elvis and she was wearing a leather teddy and high heeled stillettos. Oh yeah, Uncle Sam is dancing the "Safety Dance" with Mr. Six
  8. Actually, the only time I remember bending forward during the loop was one time when I was being stupid and didn't keep my head back.
  9. There's not much one can say with this picture WTF?
  10. I'd have to say, reverse cowgirl... Oh wait, favorite INVERSION...
  11. Since Space reopened, Indy rarely gets more than a 30 minute wait - I'd hit Space first, then head west.
  12. Walk The Line is awesome. I was a bit pessimistic about it, when I heard that Joaquin Phoenix was doing all his own singing; but it actually worked. I can't wait till Dec 8 when we get to see King Kong at our employee holiday event.
  13. The garbage truck has more sophisticated robotics on it than most theme park animatronics.
  14. "Spookshow Baby (Black Leather Catsuit Mix)" - Rob Zombie
  15. Revenge of the Mummy Hollywood - the theming is so good they even have real Jews in bondage
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