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  1. Once after riding Grizzly at PGA, a kid sitting in the row in front of me said to her mom "The cars were more fun". "The cars" she referred to, are the Barney Oldfield Speedway...
  2. Thanks Wes... the neighbor kid is really weird (even by my standards), and was up on the roof helping his mom put up Christmas lights. His older sister thought it would be fun to put the dog up on the roof with them; it ran around barking for a few minutes, then just leapt off the side - I think it might have been aiming for our carport. It's got a broken leg, but it'll recover.
  3. I've got a whole collection of pictures I take of people who refuse to stop taking flash pictures aboard Pirates... I've got this neat feature on my camera that pumps the flash up about 30%, and I put the camera as close to their eye level as possible.
  4. The Northridge quake did damage to the structure - shifting part of it away from the lifthill... The trains that run on Psyclone don't do anything to help - they're waaay too heavy and need to be put out of their misery.
  5. Fair number of head traumas in here... not surprising
  6. a dog jumped off the neighbors roof... I'm at a loss for words
  7. I love Psyclone, but I had the pleasure of riding it prior to the Northridge Rehab. I've had some fun rides on it this year, but it isn't one to put Grandma on (anymore).
  8. Actually Guy, I think you're a pretty decent rumor starter When I worked at SFMM, we used to call Hallelujah Jubilee "Smoke Pot and Shoplift For Jesus Night"
  9. This is my wife and I from a couple years ago...
  10. It's Haunted MANSION, and the reason it looks like something that should be in New Orleans... well, um... IT'S IN NEW ORLEANS SQUARE!!!!
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