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  1. What about it, indeed! It comes in all "I'm a Cedar Fair coaster, and I'm gonna change things around here" and now Ghost Town is just that...
  2. This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.
  3. Yeah, Supreme Scream - which more and more often now miscatches, and provides an even lamer ride than ever... I'd rather not see any more S&S products at SFMM.
  4. I'd just pack up Dungeon Drop from SFAW and ship it to SFMM... So no, SFMM shouldn't build a NEW drop tower
  5. I'd love to go, but that's our wedding anniversary, and we're only doing Haunt twice this year.
  6. Looks like a whole lotta buncha fun - although I must admit, I liked the 'turkey baster' idea
  7. They already have a spine breaking wood coaster with Rolling Dumpster, so why not build a record breaker?
  8. This little guy was hanging out on our front screen this evening... Cute little bug - not a mean headbanging, testicle chomping machine - and he's green, too!
  9. Yeah, they're really fighting off the hordes of people clamoring to get back into Walt Disney Studios Paris, 'cuz it's so beautifully detailed.
  10. We had an a blast! Thanks for all the fun and silliness, and the Boingo cd made me squeal like a girl the whole way home...
  11. I would suggest riding RnRC in the front row for your first ride - just ask the CMs, (they're pretty cool about granting requests like that). Biggest tip - enjoy the ride!
  12. This lady who was described as "barren", made love to her husband, then went and rode Expedition GeForce, then became pregnant... http://www.news.com.au/story/0%2C10117%2C16568129-13762%2C00.html
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