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  1. Yeah uhh...it looks like they took out the loop on California Screamin at DCA also.
  2. Which one's older? The Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Boardwalk or at Belmont Park. One of those two are the oldest ones that I've riden.
  3. I was in Las Vegas for about a week and I didi get a chance to ride Manhattan Express. It still had the old trains and it was one of the worst rides I have probably ever been on.
  4. Cedar Point added a webcam showing the construction on the official themepark site.
  5. I'll try making something. Probably the only few that are possible are TTD and Shwarzkopf shuttle loops.
  6. Uhhhhh.........I've never seen that flat ride before. Try Goliath. I don't even know what Goliath is made by!
  7. The rollercoaster in Final Destination 3 was Corkscrew at Playland in Vancouver. Revolution and Colossus from SFMM came out in National Lampoon's Vacation. Titan, Batman and a piece of Mr.Freeze came out in Spy Kids 2.
  8. I'd help out all my local parks such as SFMM. First I would buy them out from Six Flags and make sure everything was still standing inside that park. I'd also add a few coasters as well.
  9. Here in SoCal, Belmont Park is open year round along with SeaWorld, KBF , DLR and SFMM. The parks just close earlier. SFMM usually closes around 5 or 6 on weekdays and 8 on the weekend s around Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  10. I always wondered if something like that would ever be built on a rollerocoaster also.
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