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  1. Great TR so far! Are you working during Halloweekends? If so, I'll say hi to you. Cedar Point is such an amazing place, and I hope you enjoyed the U.S. during the summer!
  2. #1 Iron Dragon at Cedar Point #100 was Voyage at HW With my current plans, i305 should be #150
  3. The Voyage is my #1 woodie. People have different opinions, and I respect that. Do you mind if I say that my favorite ride at HW is Mammoth?
  4. The stupidity of people on Facebook. This article was posted by Robb on Facebook, so I would like to credit him with for bring this article to my attention: http://www.motherhoodandmore.com/2014/06/10-guidelines-for-commenting-on.html Seriously, people. Let's read the above article before writing another comment ANYWHERE.
  5. From Screamscape... In summary, they're getting flying scooters. I have no problem with that.
  6. Some dumb GP folks on facebook complain about FastLane? C'mon! You buy it or just not saying anything at all. https://www.facebook.com/todd.vandenberg/activity/10204436445895698?comment_id=10204506909697249&notif_t=like
  7. Thad deserves a job at Six Flags. Seriously. I think half the folks at Six Flags don't even know what a coaster is.
  8. They did spend $145 million this year. It's under investor relations on the cedar fair website.
  9. You might want to add this on. It's another cheap chinese knock-off. http://rcdb.com/12291.htm
  10. Nice TR Chucj! I'm looking forward to your explanation on that tweet Holiday World posted on maybe you eating too much funnel cake.
  11. WMG style dark ride for sure. I have nothing against that system. I like it!
  12. I don't see 2015 as an exciting year to return to SFGAm. Sorry, Six Flags, but I won't visit.
  13. Who knows how well this could go? I'd like some parks in the US to try this out. Sadly, Six Flags will do this because they're too cheap too add in new attractions.
  14. Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point could use a good set of B&M trains. The restraints aren't that comfy in my opinion.
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