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  1. Blue Tornado at Gardland. Bisco-Rocco Flying Scooters (not the Larson ones) and it CANNOT be a relocated one.
  2. Tuesday, Septemember 2nd, at noon is the 2015 annnoucement!! Woo hoo!!
  3. Why didn't they just tear down onside of the ride? Of course, this is Six Flags.
  4. I'd like the park to eventually add a set of flying scooters and a Tsunami Soaker to the El Toro to KK/Zumanjaroo path. They're cheap, but everyone likes them.
  5. Can we still comment on a video Robb posts on the TPR video thread and then we can get a bag of crap or is that over?
  6. Rocky Mountain Construction JUST said on Facebook they are installing the first piece of track for Wicked Cyclone today! Someone run to the park NOW!! This is an EMERGENCY!!!!
  7. The superident of my local school district emailed saying the middle school principal was on unpaid administrative leave for not having enough credits or whatever and says that she'll be back tomorrow? Why didn't he tell us this before?
  8. It's really interesting how Matt doesn't like the museum. That shows how much of a dedicated person he is. I met him once in the park and we ended up having a really good solid 15 minute conversation.
  9. Mondial does do have a used roll over for sale. That'd be a good option for MiA. Link: http://mondialrides.com/used/all/roll-over
  10. I really, really like how good of a job Six Flags Great America does with teaser videos!
  11. Intamins require a TON of maintenance and the parks don't want to deal with maintenance so they now deal with B&Ms.
  12. I don't understand why Dorney is still willing to deal with a Vekoma Boomerang? Just send it to the scrap yard!
  13. SoB was a 3 minute car accident. It even looked like that in the POV Robb has up on the youtube channel.
  14. Watch an indoor show, go on a log flume/water ride, or go on a dark ride/indoor coaster if the park has one.
  15. The problem with them is the cost. I don't think Cedar Fair would be willing to dump about 20 million on WOF. They dumped $20 million for Patroit.
  16. It's been 9 years since Hurricane Katrina hit. I wonder when TPC-NOLA will get full funding because I really, really liked that proposal. Here's a link to a recent news report: http://www.fox8live.com/clip/10518435/9-years-after-katrina-six-flags-remains-dormant?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
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