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  1. I have never found one "stand-out" OMFG ride here. Sure, Goliath is good, but it's too short. Raging Bull is just braked to death and twisted and barely has airtime. Batman The Ride is fine. The rides are too short here. I'm really ashamed to say this is the nearest Six Flags park near me.
  2. WHAT!? And it appears that the park agrees. Whoops. Then an Air Race would work well. It's not too expensive and it'd be easy to market.
  3. Getting all caugh up. Anna and Elsa ride Malestrom- Too funny Robb!! Thunderbolt- What is wrong with the ride? Is it the restraints? Is it the layout? It seems good to me, but not as good as a Euro-Fighter. Balder- Never have ridden it, but looks KICK A$$!! So MUCH airtime. Catastrophe Canyon- Won't miss that ride at all. How about they put in a Frozen land? Big Fat Panda Show- Looks like a fun podcast and thanks for introducing me to a new one! Nice segment, Robb. Desperado- Just send it to the scrap yard. Climbing Eclispe at Grona Lund (saw it on FB)- Looks so much fun climbing a star flyer!
  4. Dan has said several times and it is on the webpage that Rampage will be reopening in 2015.
  5. Rember that inflation goes into these costs as well. CF probably got a 3 ride deal on the Morgan Hypers so that's why Wild Thing is cheaper.
  6. It's the fact that they are maintenance night-mares for parks. I like Intamin the most. I think the parks would just have a reliable B&M over a white-knuckled Intamin.
  7. Tagada- No U.S. Park will every buy that! Jeez, when will the Chinese start making knock off woodies?
  8. Lynet- Looks like a sweet Mack launch coaster. Roar- I'll ride the SFA version next year, but I know that SFDK's version is better. It seems like a nice GCI woodie.
  9. I think Cyclops is the Zamperla Midi Discovery that spins you around 360 degrees (like Luna 360.) Is the swing ride from Zamperla or ARM?
  10. Cedar Point is getting Rougarou and Valleyfair is getting a water park expansion.
  11. Because the new trains gave problems. That's pretty much when they should have scrapped the trains. The park did say during the live chat on August 28th that they will work on the trains during the off-season.
  12. Xcelerator- looks like an AWESOME launch coaster. Twister- Man, when will more U.S. parks buy some more Gravity Group woodies? I'd love one near me in Michigan.
  13. Whatever is going on with Six Flags Great America, a new GM needs replace Hank. The park is definetly going sour these days. Btw, is this the first time TPR has visited a park without ERT and tours?
  14. I usually watch YouTube videos on my desktop. I normally will watch the POV part of a TPR video because the rest has content I am not interested in. I once in a while will watch that extra part (like today's video of KidTums riding Twister at Grona Lund) and like it, but mainly, I'm a POV watcher, not a off-ride watcher.
  15. Here's the fact sheet from WKYC in Cleveland. Yes, it will have seatbelts. The capacity will be about 1,800 and have 3 trains. http://www.scribd.com/doc/240203667/Rougarou-Fact-Sheet
  16. It does do look in the picture that they will have 3 transfer tracks, so 3 trains? I really like Rougarou a lot. Way better than ugly Mantis.
  17. I really love anything by Anton. Some of the best coasters out there. Wicked Cyclone- OMG!! That looks like the best ride of 2015
  18. I wish CF would put in some new slides this year. Will it happen? Probably not.
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