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  1. There's already businesses named Centurion and that's trademarked so hello 325 foot tall Fury 325!
  2. $50 for that! That's the best fit for them, especially since Six Flags loves doing clones.
  3. I just tweeted about being 1/2 way through w/ 66 Days At Sea and made the prediction of something like Cheetah Hunt. Then Holiday World RTs. Twitter is: @CoasterChitChat Maybe they'll get one.
  4. What about Kings Dominion adding in a winged roller coaster next year? That would be a good fit.
  5. Good for theme. I'll be headed to Six Flags Great America to ride Goliath. I can't wait to see how RMC Coasters are. I know they are AWESOME!!
  6. This is an old rumor from Screamscape, but Knott's Berry Farm is going to add a 325-340 feet giga from Intamin, but Cedar Fair doesn't really order coasters from Intamin anymore since they LOVE B&M. Maybe that trademark is for Knott's next coaster.
  7. Cedar Point sends the trains to PTC every winter for rehab. The ride is OK at the beginning of the season but it just gets way rocky, shaky at the end of the season. If they tore it down, I hope they install a RMC Woodie with most inversions, tallest (200 ft but NOT like Son of Beast,) fastest, steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. I know it sound dumb, but Cedar Point loves breaking the record. Cedar Fair loves trying new stuff with Cedar Point, for example, Magnum XL-200, Raptor, Mantis, Millenmum Force, and GateKeeper. They tried those and they all successful expect for Mantis. They put the successful style coasters out at their other parks. They could do a GCI Woodie, but it just isn't that good for Cedar Point. GCI makes woodies in the 50 MPH range while Cedar Point needs a 60+ MPH woodie. If they RMC Hybired it, it's OK, and Texas Giant is similar so it would be nice, but it think they need some more wooden coasters, a QUALITY wooden coaster.
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