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  1. Very strange that the would make someone leave in Nassau. http://www.cruiselawnews.com/2015/01/articles/worst-cruise-line-in-the-world/disney-kicks-4-monthold-baby-off-cruise-ship/index.html
  2. I happened to see an ad for Falcon's Fury at SeaWorld Orlando, and they marketed it using two phrases: "Don't look down" and "The tallest free-standing drop tower". I expected "The world's first drop tower to tilt people at 90 degrees down". Who knows why they did their ad this way.
  3. Or they may not want to waste their marketing dollars on Tempesto (or whatever it's called) by announcing it earlier.
  4. Here is the first episode of ThrillCaster, with your winner Chris. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. Funny you mention that. The park was rumored to get a new coaster for 2015 (possibly a new S&S 4th dimension free spin coaster) until Zumanjaro opened a month and a half late causing it to go way over budget. It seems like those Screamscape rumors DID match up, expect Zumie was late so the 2015 coaster was chopped off. Maybe LD was supposed to go to SFFT, but then they switched it around in June. Would it just be cheaper to start earlier and get it down earlier? Sometimes I wished I worked for the parks, but then at times, it's just more enjoyable just to sit back and say your opinion without any issue.
  6. My advice: Go on it, enjoy your ride of hell, and go off Gwazi and come on TPR saying you ride it. I recently rode it and I agree, the back is better.
  7. Oh hey.... guess what has come to SFGADv.... parts for Looping Dragon! Source: http://flyinphilsflighthighlights.blogspot.com/2014/12/from-flight-on-sunday-december-21-2014.html Source: Flying Phils Photos
  8. Nope. That's Darien Lake. Maybe Michigan's Adventure will announce something soon.
  9. Try using Chrome. If your office blocked you from viewing it, then use your phone.
  10. Have to ask - what subject does he teach? He teaches an elective -Silent Reading- WAIT-- There's an elective called "Silent Reading" these days?
  11. SFDK will be hosting a Hanukkah celebration this Sunday, December 21 from 2 pm - 9 pm http://www.dailydemocrat.com/features/ci_27119758/first-ever-hanukkah-celebration-at-six-flags-discovery
  12. Quassy should add 30 benches and trash cans to the 2015 budget. I'm not sure if I can survive a 3 min ride going upside down 30 times.
  13. Just to change the subject, where is a place where you can get cheap SeaWorld tickets for 12/28? I'll be visiting it then and don't want to pay $60 for a ticket.
  14. Did anybody know who was gonna make the hyper and where it was gonna be?
  15. Royal Caribbean has installed a TENTH FlowRider. This time it was installed on Voyage of the Seas. http://www.flowrider.com/2014/12/09/rccl-leads-league-flowrider-installations/#.VIdmFfldV8F
  16. Has anyone used the new season pass portal? I'm looking forward to seeing how this works.
  17. Beech Bend tweeted out they are adding 5 NEW rides that will be announced tomorrow.
  18. This ride is very cheap... it's only $6 million. BGW probably is gonna save up for a BIG coaster addition in the next couple of years.
  19. First of all, no... that wasn't announced. We're just speculating. Nothing concrete was announced. I do believe that they'll eventually paint it red, remove the speakers and re-name it because it's marketable and they can sell more merchandise that way. Just painting the ride isn't marketable and it costs the park money so this is a clever way to make a profit but I doubt the ride experience will change much. I won't fault them for that but I'm not all that interested. I'm not reading too far into the line about "new technology" because that could mean anything. Maybe it will be cool but until something is announced I'm not getting excited about it. And second of all... Yes. I am hung up on the "measly" sky ride. I'm hung up on the sky ride because it's just another ride in the endless list of rides that this park has removed and not replaced with anything because this park has no concept of the fact that a park needs more than just roller coasters to be enjoyable. This park was better 10 years ago in 2005 than it was in 2014 and for that to ever be the case at any park is truly amazing. I can't think of any other park anywhere where you could honestly say that but in this case it's the truth. Here's a list of non coaster rides closed since 2005... Log Flume (good ride replaced by an ugly, awful piece of crap) Colossus (iconic ride that was not replaced at all, a ride was relocated here that already existed in the park and an up-charge carnival ride was added) Chaos (not replaced) Spider (not replaced) Rodeo (not replaced, highly visible eyesore pad and queue is still there 8 years later) Bumper Buggies (not replaced) Double Trouble (not replaced) Time Warp (not replaced, pad is still there 6 years later) Nightwing (replaced with a ride that we already had only now it's outside so it's far less interesting) Shipwreck Falls (actually replaced but with the current State of Goliath and it's new train I'd almost rather have Shipwreck Falls back) Catapult (not replaced) Taz's Daredevil Dive (actually replaced) Twister (not replaced, and despite the rumors I'll believe it when I see it) New England Skyway (we all know this will never be replaced) In that time the following adult non coaster rides have been added Splashwater Falls (replaced the log flume... the log flume was a much better ride) Slingshot (an up-charge Carnival ride) New England Skyscreamer Yup... that's it. So yes, I'm annoyed about the Sky Ride. I'm really annoyed, because this park just continues to do this stuff year after year. Similar to Great Adventure's story for 15 years. Basically the story of every single Six Flags park.
  20. Gerstlauer still makes parts to Anton's coasters and supplied SooperDooperLooper's new trains, but knowing what happened with NTAG, I doubt Six Flags would want to buy something from Gerstlauer ever again.
  21. Yeah, I absolutely agree with moving Eagles' Flight. They can get Larson to help it out if they needed it. Give it a new name and a retheme. Also, in the FUTURE, Holiday World should install one of those Zamperla Disk'os and call if 'The Cranberry Saucer'. Just as a side thought, has one thought of the fact that Holiday World doesn't have a set of drop capsules? They should get a set in the next 3-4 years.
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