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  1. Detroit is poor but some of the suburbs (mine-Novi, Royal Oak, thrillriders'- Shelby Twp.,etc.) are good ones. Pontiac is in horrible shape. They (just) had an Emergency Manager.
  2. Isn't this Carnival's 2nd privately owned port? http://cruisefever.net/0218-new-cruise-port-amber-cove-scheduled-to-open-in-2015/
  3. The Detroit area has a bunch of county-owned water parks that really don't satisfy the needs of the audience. A water park with 4-5 slide complexes with two wave pools and a lazy river would work well for this environment.
  4. Mike just tweeted that the first Fury 325 train is headed onto the track right now!
  5. Where is that article? I am seriously convinced this is being done by Vekoma, but from their website, it doesn't look like them unless they're using a T-Bar instead of of the one they have modeled.
  6. I work in the marketing department at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.
  7. Agreed. I really like the focus Cedar Fair has been putting on food during the Outimet Era.
  8. ^That channel only has 5 subscribers! EDIT: What the hell is Maverick doing on S&S's Website?
  9. Tony just tweeted that they're severing Bacon Mac&Cheese during Winter Chill Out this Saturday. FYI- Final call will be made Thursday at 5 PM on whether or not it will be held this Saturday or next Saturday.
  10. ^That video keeps creeping up on YouTube today, so I watched it. Quite scary.
  11. ^^They're just fancy air gates that Carowinds invested in to amp up the theming. Speaking of Mike.... from his twitter:
  12. Got it, thanks! I happened to look on Royal Carribean's websites and they only have the Radiance of the Seas and Jewel of of the Seas sailing out of Alaska. Which one is better? I happened to look on Cruise Critic and it seems that they are both equally same in guest reviews BUT the site gives Jewel of the Seas a higher rating than Radiance of the Seas even though Radiance got a refit in 2011 while Jewel is newer.
  13. Hey Elissa and Robb, This past December, I took my parents on a Western Carribean cruise the Carnival Glory (won't go on a Carnival cruise again.) I am in my mid 20s while my parents are in their upper 50s (if that helps.) For a couple of years, we have had plans to go on an Alaskan cruise. I would like this to be the year that happens. Do you guys have any tips on how to plan the trip? I am pretty much starting from a blank slate and would like to know what is the best option for doing this Alaska cruise. I am thinking of going to Anchorage, explore, then go on the cruise. Also, I would prefer avoiding Princess and Holland America as my friends, and coworkers have told me to avoid those ships since they filled with older people. Thanks Henry
  14. Is this the first time Six Flags has actually figured out that you MUST put primer on a coaster before painting it? It actually makes it last longer. What Six Flags has done in the past is paint a coaster WITHOUT putting primer on a coaster. That's why Bizarro (both of them), Flashback (SFNE), Batman (SFMM) have started to have paint chipping even though they were painted 5 years ago. I'm sure there's most that have been painted but now look like they have paint peeling.
  15. Six Flags Great America: As many have said, the experience at SFGAm lowered. The park really seemed to fall apart easily, long dispatches, dirty park, having to wait 30 minutes just for a burger. Hopefully this park improves in 2015. Six Flags Fiesta Texas: I happened to be down at SFFT in September for a business trip. This park is really a hiden gem in the chain. I didn't feel it was a Six Flags park at all. The rides were good, the park was well kept and maintained and the employees were super nice.
  16. Dutch Wonderland announced On Facebook they are adding Bon Voyage Balloon Chase, a family balloon style ride. It will replace Crazy Plane and located between the Twister and Fun Slide. https://www.facebook.com/DutchWonderlandPA/posts/10152985032515999:0 Artwork of the ride
  17. Actually, I'd be pretty shocked if Cedar Fair even bough a Flying Coaster. The ones they have were there when they bough the parks that have them.
  18. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing Robb riding Twisted Colossus and hearing "twisty, twisty AIRTIME!!"
  19. I really like the work you did, DougMJr. I doesn't feel heavy, or sticky. Everything just feels natural and that it grew from the ground, not the Six Flags screaming method.
  20. Looks like SFGADv will build a 100-acre solar farm to power the entire park. http://www.jacksontwpnj.net/documents/minutes/planning_board/2014/12-01-14.pdf
  21. Hey Paula- Once testing goes successful, does the park have plans to put a GoPro on one of the trains during a test run?
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