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  1. I've heard that they will eventually do the 4D coaster, but they want to do the wing coaster first.
  2. While we're all taking about a new coaster, look at what appeared on Screamscape this morning. A spinning coaster or a family shuttle coaster would be great.
  3. Whenever I click the Carowinds link from TPR, it automatically redirects to me to buying a ticket on the homepage. Am I the only one that is getting this prompt?
  4. Nice photos! Is their a specific reason why SFNE Cyclone's wood is down at SFFT?
  5. Thanks Robb. Hopefully the park and the locals can reach an agreement on this. Once this opens I'll be buying me airplane ticket to Sweden!
  6. Even more reasons RCCL is awesome! http://cruisefever.net/0226-engine-problems-slow-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship/
  7. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.)No. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? Once in a while I will share a video, but I rarely do due to my GP Friends being all confused. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) If it's a really cool video. 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? Until I get bored. 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? (the image you see with the > Play icon before you click to watch a video) Doesn't matter 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I'm have a bunch of dislikes toward Facebook, i.e. the idiots, etc. The only thing I like is that friends have to request instead of me being spammed. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? Please post more of the idiotic comments people make!
  8. Worlds of Fun just got one in 2014. That was the one from Knott's Berry Farm.
  9. There's no point. It a troll video. And there's several (other?) people commenting to support it. That entire channel is filled with troll videos. Look at this one:
  10. Great Trip Report! You're not the only that had a 3 hour drive from Detroit, but I started a little early and got to the park in time!
  11. First of its kind!?! I'm very intrigued. As am I. Ed and his team always have something up their sleeves that makes the park a little more worth visiting, which is what I love about them! Agreed. Kentucky Kingdom does unique things that make them Kentucky Kingdom.
  12. Jim Reid-Anderson talks about Q4 Results on CNBC's Mad Money. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. ^From this trip report, if Ed Hart and his team got the lease earlier, then they could've reopened T3 in 2014.
  14. A total load of comedy. EDIT: When Carowinds posted the fact the Fury 325 will start testing next week: GP 1: Looks like cheap plastic. No thanks. GP 2: And only those small pull downs on your lap, no thanks. Not safe enough for me. GP 3: There are orange seatbelts too you know... Me: If you have ridden Intimdator, this is the EXACT same manufacturer as well, Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard. Their rides are the SAFEST and smoothest out there. They rarely get into any major accidents or mechanical issues. Ride it and you'll love it!
  15. 1) The Beast 2) Son of Beast (don't miss it at all) 3) The Voyage 4) Millennium Force 5) Mean Streak Hopefully, once I ride Fury 325, Mean Streak is off this list.
  16. I happened to do a little digging, and found out that the original proposal did include a KrakenRacer. Also, assuming the proposal costs still hold true, renovating Twisted Twins will cost about 5 million, and the swing ride costs half a million.
  17. I'm not a Valleyfair local, but here's my ten cents on the future. Will Cedar Fair give Valleyfair a new coaster within the next 5 years? Yes. 2016? Maybe. From the past spending trends on Valleyfair, Cedar Fair sees that this park has a bright future. Look at this year. Instead of giving Valleyfair the slide complex being pushed around, they gave them some unique slides. Will Valleyfair get an Invert? Hopefully. Eventually, Valleyfair will get some much needed rides, and it seems that Cedar Fair does care about this park. Will Valleyfair get new flats? Yes. That''s normal for parks to do. If Valleyfair ever gets an invert, I hope they don't go for the records, but concentrate on the thrills. From what we've seen from B&M, RMC, Intamin, etc., taller does NOT mean better! Sometimes, the shorter, smaller coasters are the best ones out there.
  18. For some very, very small parks, this might turn out to be a good idea! People would support the small parks and help them get a new ride. For the big parks, like Cedar Point or Six Flags New England, it would be an awful idea. Just imagine how many people would complain on park's Facebook pages.
  19. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/tourism-central-florida-blog/os-universal-orlando-reverse-bottled-water-ban-20150218-post.html
  20. They always start these on time (last one they started 8 mins late.) Always good to do. EDIT: They just started. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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