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  1. I like this update! Blue Fall looks so gigantic! Japan is on my ''have-to-do list''! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Hey guys! This thread is simple: I will update this thread every day (as long as I haven't posted all of my magnets ). Feel free to post your coolest theme park related magnets as well! Let's start with the coolest magnet EVER! -- Marcel "I'm proud to be a TPR member" Strobel Club TPR: anything cooler?
  3. I remember the day when I went to Flamingoland in the UK. There was awesome weather, but during afternoon it changed and it started pouring! Have never seen anything like that. The whole parking lot was literally flooded! Couldn't start driving! Sadly, I don't have any photo
  4. I love the shirt! I need a new one since I lost mine on the Texas/Midwest trip this year -.- ARGH!
  5. ^Glad to see that my package made it to the states! I hope you can use it open the book! there is a signature
  6. I totally agree with Robb! Hades was really really rough! I don't want to know how this coaster will feel like in a few years if it isn't fixed! I think you can open a medical care station right next to the exit then!
  7. My secret Santa brought me some AWESOME gifts! So many details! Look how he wrapped it! Really nice! Thank you Chris! Appreciate it a lot!
  8. That little Intamin looks terrifying close to the wall! You better don't put up your hands
  9. I love them, because people can get a good overview of the most current threads and topics! Really nice!
  10. Yep, I have a box, actually a few now! Same here! I even keep all the receipts and tickets and wristbands!
  11. I love reading TR's about parks that are not that much famous! Really cool! Great to see this community is represented in many different countries!
  12. ^ I wonder for how long I'm sure we get crazy weather in January/February
  13. ^ My body cannot handle so much Schwarzkopf goodness, because of too much EXCITEMENT!
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