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  1. Honestly said, I don't know which coaster I prefer, Yin I think I prefer Shambhala for riding it over and over again, and I prefer Dragon Khan when I want to seek inversions Thank you guys for all the nice comments! I love sharing my trips with you, because you're the best community on earth
  2. Great trip report! This coaster looks like a fun machine! But hey we're talking of Scandi, how could this be a flop?
  3. Hey guys! Are you ready for some SPANISH AWESOMENESS called Port Aventura? If so, this update is exactly what you need! After the day at Holiday Park, I took a plane to Reus Barcelona which is right next to Port Aventura. Thanks to Ryanair the flight was really cheap and I could use my savings for taking a cab to Port Aventura I have stayed at Hotel Gold River during my last visit, but this time I decided to stay at Hotel Port Aventura which is closer to the park. Their rooms and beds were way bigger as the ones at Hotel Gold River and my from the balcony was INCREDIBLE because all you saw was Shambhala! The park was a little bit crowded, but however I did not decide to buy the FastPass, because the Spanish people did not know how to use the Single Rider queue, so that was a plus for me! If you stay at one of their resorts, the FastPass is valid during your whole stay, which is a really good offer. Normally you pay like 46 Euros for one day and in the hotels you pay 54 Euros for your whole stay! I really enjoyed the park and its Mediterranean atmosphere. I was a little bit annoyed by all the Spanish people doing queue jumping, but that's what all the Spanish people obviously do. At the end of my stay I went downtown Salou where you can find an American Diner called Shambhala! If you want to dine in a restaurant that is called like Port Aventura's great B&M coaster, this is the right place for you! There you can find the Spanish version of a Hamburger, which was a really interesting creation. Get hungry and watch my photos! My view from the balcony! Really nice hotel! Welcome to Port Aventura! ...to explore the park! Hello from Spain! The worst coaster right at the beginning. Great launch, but painful ride! I better go and search for some B&M goodness I think I'm right here! My heart is bumping! Two B&M's in one photo! Drop tower selfie! Angkor! Their new Splash battle looks GREAT! You get a nice view on Shambhala's first drop from the new area Great element Breakfast time! A piece of Shambhala More Shambhala Way too early! Where is Reus? Theme Park Review member on tour! Walking to the plane! Hey guys! Enjoy your flight! Plane POV! My ticket to... The view is amazing! Shambhala! Postcard photo Soaking zone! POV Panorama photo! Theme Park Review chap stick Marcel is trying to eat clean and healthy for dinner! New profile photo? There is a rollie in the background! Just relaxing! About to ride Dragon Khan! Only some more weeks until I am in America! Q selfie! Panorama! More panaroma! It's a Shamb(h)ala diner! ala diner! The Spanish version of a Hamburger! Boobs!
  4. Okay I'll give you a spoiler thanks to your profile photo: I visited Tibidabo!
  5. ^ exactly Neil! I'm really happy that they got at least a new coaster. Now they attract families and more thrillseekers.
  6. Hey TPR! Another trip, another trip report! Since all the parks here in Germany opened their season in early April, I finally ended my coaster withdrawals by doing a PRE trip to my local park Holiday Park before flying to the country of bulls, tortillas and Sangria! You all know that I'm talking of no other country but SPAIN! Before I took a plane to Spain, it was time to check out Holiday Park's new coaster Sky Scream by Premier Rides and some Intamin goodness called Expedition Ge Force! The first thing I noticed when I got to Holiday Park was the advertisement of their new Express pass. This is a great addition for people coming from far away and who want to seek Holiday Park's thrills for sure, but for all the locals here it is definitely not necessary at all, especially because the lines always look longer than they usually are! Even in summer, it's not a big problem as it is at Europa Park. The pass costs 29 Euros. The next thing I was surprised about is the fact that the world famous boob scene at ''Burg Falkenstein'' (''Castle Falkenstein'') was gone! There is still the woman holding the blanket in front of her boobs, but she does not show them anymore. Sorry guys, but I think this is because the park is getting more and more family friendly! As for the new coaster Sky Scream, all I can say is that it is a great addition to the park. I love Premier Rides and having the first here in Germany is really awesome! I'm pretty sure it will be a tourism magnet for the next couple of months. However, it is not a coaster which I would ride all day long. Getting some rides on it is quite enough for me, because there is still Expedition Ge Force Plopsa did some nice theming in the park with lots of details especially at the water ride ''Wicky Splash''. I'm really excited about how the park will look like in 10 years! With that being said, are you ready for some German coaster goodness? To be continued Hey guys! It's time to ride coasters or towers? Nice theming at Wicky's Splash! ...Intamin Food! YUMMY! I had some food but this was better... First row for sure! More Sky Scream! Nice logo! Whee! Looks twisty! First stop: Sky Scream! Information about the coaster! Upside down! Superwirbel's corkscrew is lightning up Sky Scream! Wicky and his guys are everywhere you look! Fat guy representing Wicky's Splash Theming! New shop! Souvenirs! EGF! RIP Superwirbel! Holiday Park's Museum! Welcome to Holiday Park!
  7. July would be one of the worst months to visit Europa Park, because all the schools have holidays. Late September should be way better and I would suggest to visit the park on a weekday!
  8. I enjoyed reading your trip report! Great job! I really hope to get there once and ride Intimidator 305. Looks like a thrilling roller coaster!
  9. I would love to go there even if it was only for one day. This park looks so amazing!
  10. Great photos! I'm happy that you enjoyed your visit at my local park For people who come visit the park from far away, the Holiday Express pass is really worth it I think, but for those of us like me who know where to go at which time it's not necessary at all, especially because crowds at the park always look more than they usually are. The live actors aren't scary at all, and there are only 3 or so inside the castle (at least it was the case when I visited the park last year) and the world famous BOOB scene was taken out. The woman is not undressing herself anymore Sorry folks, but maybe this is just temporary??? However, the park improved a lot thanks to Plopsa, and the mixture of thrill and family rides is just amazing. I'm really excited about how the park will look like in let's say 10 years or so. If they constantly invest, the park will be a Plopsafantastic park here in Germany.
  11. ^As far as I know somewhen in spring. So it could be in a few weeks!
  12. ^Don't forget about Holiday Parl's new coaster Sky Screamer! But you're right: Europa Park alone is worth visiting!
  13. ^It looks really stunning indeed! It's a flagship example of a park which can have both thrills and theming I think! Imagine how the park will look like in 100 years if they continue developing!
  14. Hey Robb, hey Elissa, since I will be visiting Florida in November, I was thinking about swimming with dolphins and wondered if you knew any spot where I can do this in Orlando? I've heard of one option at Sea World Orlando, but it's not "real" swimming, more an interactive program. Have you ever experienced it? Are there any MUST DO's like food options (except theme parks) in Orlando that I should not miss? Thanks for your help!
  15. Great report with great photos! Thanks for sharing your impressions It looks really stunning!
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