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  1. That's totally normal I guess! For example, my home park is Holiday Park and 3 years ago, I spent so many days during my summer break there. I enjoyed being there several days in a row but after some months/years my mind completely changed. As many of you have already said, I only need some hours and get some rides in these parks.
  2. Great articles that give an awesome overview about the ''hottest Amusement Park Attractions'' in 2014! I retweeted it, so THUMBS UP!
  3. That looks great! Can't wait to check it out in about 3 weeks! Should be a fun ride!
  4. That actually looks like a really cool and unique family coaster! It's very long and the idea of screaming and accelerating is bizarre but great at the same time. I guess that's something you only find in awesome Japan!
  5. Too bad I didn't get the credit! When I heard that it was open, I thought mehh it will be open next season as well! Epic fail I would say I wonder which park will get the coaster here in Germany!
  6. I actually get really sad seeing these photos They remind me of all the good times we had during the tour and make me wanna go on another! Great update Andy!
  7. I LOVED Big Dipper! It's such a traditional coaster! Fun ride!
  8. My next park will be Holiday Park with its new Premier coaster SkyScreamer
  9. This coaster looks terrifying! Robb, I guess the helix is really intense? Is it comparable to Titan's Helix? I'm happy you survived!
  10. Shawn, I haven't seen your thread until now! All I wanted to say is that it is a GREAT thread. Can't wait to see more of your 2014 trips! PS: You seem to be a NYC boy. You + NYC = BEST relationship!
  11. As always, awesome photos! Can't wait to check it out this year!
  12. I actually love all of these shirts, especially those which you can wear and the GP would think it's a non-coaster shirt!
  13. Every time I see these different sorts of popcorn, I want to take a flight to Tokyo Disney and enjoy all of them! I really hope TPR is doing another trip there next summer and I'll be able to join them. Japan looks amazing!
  14. I would love to get to know how the marketing department is involved in all the planning process of a coaster! When they announce a ride, the park was planning to build that ride many years before that date, but how does the park know when they have to start with social media etc. I would also love to get some information about expenses of a park! Do they have times where they are in debt or do they really win a lot of money with admissions, food etc?
  15. The designs look really amazing! This ride looks like a real Goliath in th coaster universe IMO. Are you ready to conquer it?
  16. The Coaster Expedition Videos gave me the impression that you guys had a LOT of fun on that tour!
  17. I love the normal 2nd generation. It's such a great feeling and reminds me of the new hotness of giant drops here in Europe! Standup Tilting Floorless is really scary and good for some variation but for men it's not the best invention
  18. Does someone know if this event could be expanded internationally? I would love to something similar here in Germany but for some reason there is nothing!
  19. Same here! I love following them around and see where they are heading to! I'm just really bad at figuring out these clues! Keep it going!
  20. At least you could enjoy it! I had to throw the chocolate we got a SDC because after some days it was so terribly melted Did not look eatable anymore
  21. I really hope these vests won't try to kill me! Why don't they use the usual B&M restraints?
  22. Yeah I love collecting air miles with delta! Allows me to get better seats!
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