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  1. If you click on the events, you can select the roller coaster club and ClubTPR is listed, so yes, it is considered a ''recognized roller coaster club'', how could it not be?
  2. With the Bobbejaanland season pass you can get free access to both parks! It's only 55€ and you can order it online as far as I know.
  3. It looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully, many parks will build them! Would be really great! Do you guys know how much a coaster of that type would cost?
  4. Love option 1! The Tweet function is awesome and gives a nice overview of what's happening with TPR on social media platforms! What I find a little bit unhandy is the scrolling down of the page. It might be a MacBook problem but when using my touch pad and I scroll down it automatically stops at the parks and updates threads and scrolls down there. It's only a small thing and probably only the issue of how I use my MacBook. Despite that, THUMBS UP!
  5. Amazing update Andy! I'm happy that you enjoyed my German soda candies
  6. No photo needed. Two words say more than any photo, right Laura?
  7. Sorry for not having posted another magnet in the last couple of days! Here it goes again! This time, 2 magnets! From the Netherlands and Spain! Toverland! Port Aventura!
  8. As always, nice photos! Hope to get there some time in the future!
  9. COKE! No better product out there!
  10. Happy New Year! I love all these magnets Here's another one! This time, it's a very old magnet of Plopsaland De Panne! I bought it in the outlet store where you can get souvenirs from previous seasons! Really historical, and it's 50% off Plopsaland De Panne!
  11. What about some GCI awesomeness? Troy de sensatie! Troy de sensatie!
  12. Kevin, I was looking so sad, because I did not want to leave!
  13. Nice mugs! Love the way all the members start threads with their souvenirs! Some day, we will have a great collection of souvenirs from different seasons!
  14. What about some German park magnet? This "Skyline Park" magnet should be interesting for a LOT of TPR members, because it has two functions: a souvenir magnet AND a bottle opener! With that being said, bring me the beer bottles! Skyline Park
  15. I agree! Especially here in Europe, you sometimes have to search in the last corners of a store to find a magnet!
  16. When you live in the country that birthed Vekoma, what do you expect? Haha true that!
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