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  1. Since universit always starts in September again, all my finals are in December I have to study a lot and I'm happy TPR distracts me during this period of time! Browsing the forums helps me to get through the exams! My local park ''Europa Park'' has a winter season, so I probably go there some times after my exams!
  2. ^Amazing that one of the crew members posted a reply! CP would not be CP without the super exciting crews!
  3. ^As far as I know they have a Q-bot system! It's called ''Express Butler''.
  4. What was the craziest thing you've done to get a credit (kiddie coaster, thrilling coasters etc.) Tell us! I start with one coaster that is really hard to get here in Europe…the famous ''La Coccinelle'' at Walibi Belgium! First of all, I tried to get the credit without asking one of the park's managers, but the ride operator was SO mean and she told me to call the security, so there was no other possibility! I was just standing in line and when she saw me she started a discussion (It was my first visit to the park?!) I showed her the park map telling that the coaster is allowed for people over 1,20 meters. She still told me that this coaster is not for adults. Since I was there with a friend knowing the manager of the supervisors, we went to the information desk asking for that guy. She called him, we met up at the coaster and I got that credit! I was SO happy! You have to be a real credit whore to put that much effort in getting a credit and you should have some connections…
  5. Honestly said, I don't like Holiday Park being Plopsa. I want to get back my old trashy Holiday Park. Holiday Park was never one of these family park things. I mean, there were a lot of families visiting the park, but it was more a park for teenagers to hang around and get thrilled by Intamin! It's a little bit ridiculous with all these new paintings, because I know how it looked like before and that's what Holiday Park will always look like to me. However, it is really good that there is a company that spends some money on creating new attractions! That's what the park needed! Some input!
  6. Do some of the people who went to Japan have some crazy vending machine photos? I'm pretty sure you can get some crazy stuff in that country
  7. If you build a coaster like car by LEGO and ride an imaginable coaster with it!
  8. My last coaster was a crazy mouse at my local German fair in Kaiserslautern! When the fair opened on a Friday, a worker of the roller coaster was killed because he stayed under the track of the coaster, so the car hit him. Sad story for an opening of a fair! Crazy Mouse (Photo taken from www.coaster-count.com)
  9. U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, UK My favorite coaster country was the U.S., because you guys have roller coasters with no limits! I'm so happy that you have built so many great coasters over there!
  10. Can't wait to download it on December,5! Perfect present to myself!
  11. Really nice report! I just love the way you guys travel the world! Always some hidden spots to discover! Keep it goin' guys!
  12. I shipped my package two days ago! It somewhen arrives in Cali…. I also got my package from Secret Santa in Germany! Opening date: X-MAS!
  13. With the withdrawal of the coaster season, it's time to bridge the time gap for those of us who don't live in regions where parks are opened year round or during the winter seasons! What about the following question: which screwed up vending machines have you seen in theme parks so far? I start with a coke vending machine that I've seen during my trip to Walibi Belgium this summer! Do u wanna coke? Get two for the price of one if you manage to reach the buttons!
  14. Great update, MAtt! Cedar Point is just amazing and we had a great time there!
  15. This video shows the TPR trip AWESOMENESS Makes me wanna go on a trip…NOW!
  16. So exciting footage! Perfect distraction when sitting at the library of university! Thank you TPR!
  17. It looks like a unique coaster in our roller coaster world! Happy to see such a new concept! Can't wait until they start building it!
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