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  1. In which trip are you interested? greetz Marcel
  2. I'm streaming videos as well as I'm buying DVDs. The advantage of streaming videos is that you are able to watch the video immediately. In contrast to that buying a DVD is great because you have a kind of souvenir, so something in your hands so a stream is more handy.
  3. I'm praying for the Texas/Midwest Trip! Can't wait for the announcement!
  4. Starting and ending point will be announced with the tour flyer on this flyer there will be the most important information
  5. Riding a coaster with such a view must be fantastic! I haven't seen a better coaster view!
  6. Airfare from Frankfort to San Antanio and Cleveland to Frankfort (starting and ending point could be san antanio and cleveland for the midwest trip I think?) is approximately 1235 euros for August 2013. Does anyone know if these prices change and are they depending on the month? Right now it's much cheaper, only 700 euros. Thank you for answering guys
  7. What is meant by ''private buy out of city museum'' at the Texas/Midwest Tour?
  8. Just one remark Is it possible to add the starting and ending airport? Could be possible that some people choose a trip because of the airfare
  9. That helps me a lot thank you! In July there is semester break, so the chance to do a TPR trip is very high
  10. Wow that sounds great Elissa with the US trip! I had to cancel my private trip because of university Hopefully, I can join this trip Do you already have an idea in which month this will be? Kind regards
  11. How do I get to know where you're going next during your trips? Is there a kind of calendar or live ticker?
  12. Hey Robb and Elissa, how many coasters has each of you ridden? Greets FreeFaller
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