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  1. Nice video! Seems like they want to tease us with those 2015 plans! Can't wait until they announce them!
  2. Such a nice update! Thank you for sharing it! It makes me really jealous: Orlando is on my to-do list for sure! Can't wait for your Disney update!
  3. Speaking of this - does Europa still change the soundtrack to Jingle-MIR during the Christmas holidays? Europa does change it to Jingle Mir, even Eurosat has its xmas soundtrack. Like on Halloween, they change it every season. I know their website says no, but they started opening it in winter I think one or two years ago, but only if it's 5 degrees Celsius It's like a secret
  4. Welcome to my Europa Park WINTER AWESOMENESS trip report! Since I have finished my semester, I had some free time to get over my coaster withdrawals and go ride some coasters! There is no better place where I could have gone BUT EUROPA PARK! Yup, you're right…Europa Park is opened during winter and offers some great X-MAS atmosphere PLUS season pass holders got a cup of FREE ''Glühwein'', hot wine with special xmas spices, so I had one more reason to go there The park was not as crowded as during summer, but there were still plenty of people, especially because winter holidays started in Germany yesterday! However, there were literally no q's longer than 5-10 minutes. People just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere and all the good food booths (xmas bakery, crêpes, waffles etc.). It was pretty cold (max. 8 degrees celcius), so it was definitely freezing! During the winter season, Europa Park has a ferris wheel which is usually on fairs and it always scares the crud out of me, because it makes some really strange noises, just like the whole wheel was breaking down. Nevertheless, it looks pretty impressive when it's dark, so that saves its spot in the park I think I really like the park during winter, because the park puts so much effort in decorating everything and put lights on the attractions, just to put the park into a magical winter paradise! It looks beautiful and even if you're not riding anything, it's definitely worth going there, because you can walk around and just enjoy life and have a good time! There are even kind of pipes where you can toboggan with tires! Fun to look at all the people! With that being said, get ready for some magical winter moments at Europe's best theme park and have a wonderful X-MAs and a happy new year! Look! There are some presents for us! Booths wherever you look! Traditional X-MAS market flair! Bobsled Coaster! YAY! Giant BALL! My lovely Euro Mir and me! Wonderful relationship for 15 years! Gorgeous! More presents! The monorail guarantees some great views! XMAS trees! BIG ferris wheel! Tobogganing is so much fun! Hey guys! Winter time at Europa Park! Ready, set, GO! ARGH! Scary ferris wheel! Looks pretty... …but it SCARES the crud out of me! Looks like there is opening another credit soon! Euro Sat changed its dress! Unwrap it! Europa Park from above! Bobsled coaster again! The oldest themed part of the park! Oh look! It's Mr. Macks private pool and house! Eurosat! Do I need to say more? Happy riders! Teasing you with my lovely Euro Mir! Looooooooping! There's something blue coming out of the rocks! Even the restaurant are decorated for XMAS! YUMMY! ''Glühwein'' Ice skating! Random decoration! Food! Send your letter! MUST HAVE photo when staying at Europa Park Euro Sat send Santa Claus to space! Empty q's! More sledging! XMAS deco! BIG Santa Claus! Enter the hall of... random games! Looks like IAPPA! Candies! More candies! XMAS tree! classic carousel! HEY GUYS! Kids could jump all day long! It looks ambiguous! It's getting night! Lights wherever you look! Isn't it awesome? Euro Tower! XMAS! BIG present! More lights! Even the small lakes are decorated! Welcome to the forest of lights! The big ball looks amazing! Ready to get your presents? Euro Mir is lightening up! *_* Just amazing! No words... Ice skating people! Who wants to have some presents? Looks like you were in a fairytale, doesn't it? Goodbye Europa Park!
  5. It's so great that its shirt doesn't need anything but minimalism to impress!
  6. I hated Superwirbel's station! There were two lines that were meant to go to every car, but people thought the left one was only for the first car and there always was a HUGE line, even though you could use both lines to enter the station! ARGH
  7. As always really cool photos! I'm not a fan of that coaster type. Just do the credit run and get off of that beast!
  8. I dreamed about working for Cedar Point and the ride I worked at was Mantis! I did a lift walk and I was introduced to the whole crew! I LOVED that dream because it was so realistic! IDK, but I hope it's a sign that I am hired for next season!
  9. That's interesting. Is there a picture of that anywhere? Just did a screenshot of the video segment! You can find it in the introduction segment of TPR's Coaster Expedition Volume 11. Elissa gets a urinal!
  10. wuhuu one more week until I can unwrap my Secret Santa's gifts! Can't wait! My package to the states is still in the air I think :/ I apologize for the mailing service! At least I mailed it at the end of November, so there is the chance that it will arrive BEFORE christmas
  11. Yeah I think it's some Vampire design! Thank god it's not Wickie or Maya
  12. Really really NICE trip report Andy! I like the high quality photos! It reminds me of the amazing times we guys had! Such a great trip. Can we go back? So cool to see it through the eyes of other TPR members! Keep it going! With that being said…THUMBS UP!
  13. POV's are amazing to get over coaster withdrawals Sure it is WAY better to experience the ride in real life but it gives you a good first impression of the ride itself!
  14. Some more on ride photos Press Photo Shoot Holiday Park Wodan!
  15. Log flumes are so much fun! Put a handful of people in a boat and fun is guaranteed Great idea with the guns! Should be provided everywhere
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