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  1. Welcome back to my Australian adventure! I'm very happy that you liked my TR so far! So let's continue traveling around Australia and have a look at one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in my entire life: GARIE BEACH! Whenever you are in Australia you HAVE TO go to Garie Beach and do the cliff walk there! It is absolutely STUNNING and something you don't experience every day! Since my friend lives in Australia he knows all these places and I was able to get to know REAL Australian culture and life. It was awesome! So, when you parked your car at Garie Beach, the first thing you need to do is walking along the beach before you climb up the rocks to be on top of the world, LITERALLY! It looks like a crazy hiking thing, but honestly said it isn't. Take your time and walk up all the rocks that function like stairs. Don't look back while going up, because the view is so beautiful that you should wait until you're on the top. From there you can walk through bushes before you get to the cliffs that are RIGHT next to the ocean. If you're not careful, you can fall down! I'm sure it happened before though! However, the walk is awesome and being in nature is an incredible feeling. The beauty of nature is still in our world, just a long travel away, no just kidding. There are many places in our world that look incredible. Since I mostly travel for coasters, this was an absolutely fantastic experience that I will never forget! We even got to see some animals along our way! Don't freak out like me, because it's just a normal thing out there! When we got to the cliffs we had lunch next to the ocean, which was again AWESOME! You can get great photos up there, so don't forget you camera. The walk takes around an hour to an hour and a half each way. There are no toilets or anything like that up there and be sure to have enough food and water with you! I hope you enjoy the awesomeness of Australian beaches and I can't wait to show you the rest of my adventure! Somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Look at this beach! So wonderful! Just amazing! Is this real? Sure we are in Australia? Looks like Africa though! Ooopps! Hopefully no crazy animals out there! That's how the walk up to the cliffs looked like! This view is stunning! There's the ocean! That's where we came from! Hey Garie Beach! Break time! Those bushes looked weird! If you have an enemy, throw them in that bush! Where's the ocean? Ah, there it is! Hey ocean! Nature! What does this remember you of? YAAAAS my friend the ocean! My name is Marcel, the Jungle expert! There it is! I heart Australia! Hey guys! Up in the air! I just love this view! HELP ME! I'm scared! Made it! Yup, we saw some animals! This one scared me because it was suddenly there! Good sign! We made it back! Safari time! Don't leave me here!
  2. ^haha if she sees it, you'll have to take the next plane to Sydney!
  3. Hey TPR! Since Germany was too cold in January, I traveled all around the world to visit my friend in Australia! You're right! This trip report is all about the country down under! So, be prepared for lots of Kangaroos, Koalas, snakes and of course some COASTERS! I mean, some parks like Europa Park in Germany were still open when I traveled to Australia, but it was way too cold and riding roller coasters in the sun is by far better than freezing in Winter Wonderland! Also, I came back from the United States where I worked at Cedar Point for one season and I had 2 months until school started again, so I grabbed the opportunity and continued traveling! When I planned this trip, I compared airfare and somehow Emirates was the cheapest. I paid around $1700, which is a very good deal when traveling overseas, especially to a country that is by the end of the world, so I took all my saved up money and spent it on that ticket that got me access to one of the nicest airlines I've ever flown with! Not only is Emirates a very luxurious airline, but also an airline that has TONS of A380-800 airplanes! For those of you wondering what this dude here is talking about: the A380-800 is the BIGGEST passenger airplane out there. It has two levels and if you put it next to a regular airplane, it looks GIANT! Whenever you have the chance to fly on one of these, go for it! It doesn't feel like flying at all. Traveling to Australia took me almost one day. I had a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai, which took about 6 hours and then another flight from Dubai to Sydney, which was about 13 hours. If you're traveling to Australia, be aware of long flights! But hey, you have on board entertainment, so it's not too bad! When I arrived in Sydney, my friend picked me up at the airport and we drove to his place where I stayed until I flew to Perth where I visited another friend of mine! I arrived around 10pm and I was not tired at all, thanks to this so called jet lag :/ However I had to go to sleep, because my body had to get used to the new time zone. The next morning my friend's mom took me to Toronga Zoo, which is right by the harbour of Sydney and gives you a STUNNING view of the city! I haven't seen anything so beautiful in a while. The combination of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and the Ocean was just perfect! It looked even better in real life, so I don't know if my photos can reflect what I've seen! I tried my best to capture many great photo moments and I hope you will enjoy all of them! Taronga Zoo has a cable car which takes you from the top (or bottom) of the zoo to the other part of the zoo! It's amazing since you get nice views from up there as well! Enjoy my trip report about Australia! Welcome to a world of poisonous animals! The view was incredible! Classic Taronga zoo shot! Touristy! I'm such a cultural credit whore! That's why I flew all around the globe, to see a REAL Kangaroo! And some sea lions, which I have seen enough by now! I'm gonna kick your A$$ if you come to close! Postcard photo! Sky Safari is was great! More photos, before... I'm BEING ATTACKED BY A SPIDER! It's time for Taronga Zoo! This snake is even worse than the spider! It can kill 200,000 mice with one bite! I love the spiders! Countin' money all day! Their money looks like monopoly money though! I'm going to Australia! Wohoooo! Look at my fancy passport! I'm flying with an A380-800! Good that I have on board entertainment, because it's a LONG A$$ flight! This wing is never-ending! HELP! That meal was so fancy that it had a menu! Landed in Dubai! YAY! Airport credit! Okay, seriously, I need some wine now! This plane though! Airplane food isn't that bad anymore! Welcome to my home! Have a seat and fly around the world! I made it to Australia! And then it's time for the Australian version of Mc Donald's: Maccas! But first, let me have some Australian breakfast! Weet-Bix!
  4. Thank you guys! I loved watching the high TPR quality footage with a very good selection of excellent rides! I hope to see more of this.
  5. Look at these amazing gifts I got from my secret Santa! It's awesome! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to all of you guys!
  6. I'm sorry if my person get his gift too late, but the item that I ordered couldn't be delivered until today due to a postal strike here in Germany I'm really sorry!
  7. Hey guys! I'm happy to be part of this great community here! Things like the Christmas exchange make me appreciate these friendships even more! I'm a big fan of Cedar Point since I worked there this season! Other than that, I love Intamin! It's my favorite coaster company. I also appreciate everything coaster or America related! Even candy from America would make me happy, because here in Germany, we do not have a lot of American candy.
  8. I'm not working this weekend. My contract ended last weekend and now I'm just traveling.
  9. Hey TPR! I’m so sorry for not having posted any update since my trip to New York! Halloweekends started in September and it was super busy. Besides that, I had to get new footage for you guys! This update is a kind of mixture of my work experience during Halloweekends and things we did during the week when the park was closed! I didn’t have the time to fully explore Halloweekends at Cedar Point, because staffing is really bad during this time of the year, so we had to work all the time, which is not bad at all, because it means FUN FUN FUN and money in the bank! Since the park is closed during the week, we had the chance to pick up hours in different departments such as housing or accommodation for example. After having cleaned employee housing for about 2 weeks, I was really annoyed by it, so I changed my department and my friends and me signed up for Sandcastle Suites. Thank you Nick for having given us the opportunity to work for you. Every day was a fun filled day! We made beds and folded towels for the hotels. So much fun if you have the right friends with you! Halloweekends meant also saying goodbye to Mantis on the 19th of October due to its transformation into the floorless coaster Rougarou. Quite every employee took his or her chance to take their last stand before Mantis was closed. We used our breaks or the weekend before closing. Marketing handed out buttons to every rider on the 19th of October, which was a pretty nice idea. By now, you can find some of these buttons on Ebay! They should be worth more money in a couple of years I think. Every crew ordered Hoodies with the ride logo on it and the crew’s names on its back. Since I was part of Magnum as my home ride and cross trained on Top Thrill Dragster, I have both of their crew hoodies and every time I wear them I feel so proud to have been part of the crew that ran these rides! I also went to different food places and the Cinema to see an American horror movie. The one you should definitely check out the next time you get to Sandusky is Chet and Matt’s. It’s a local Pizza place, which is so delicious! It’s family owned and they offer a Buffet in the evening if you’re interested in trying different things there! Their pizza bread is so good. You should get the Cinnamon Pizza for dessert. One of the classics there! During my time at Cedar Point, I got to know many coaster enthusiasts that came visiting the park all the time! It was so nice to see people coming to the park every weekend and welcoming you as if you were part of their family! I met an older couple that has the same passion for Top Thrill Dragster as I do. When I’m as old as they are, I still want to ride that coaster! There were many other friends that made my summer unique! Some of them even got me presents such as seasonings from their family’s company! We did another lift walk which was so much different to the one I did when I processed in. The reason why it was so different was the weather! It was so windy on that day! Walking up a 205 feet tall lift hill when it's really windy is definitely an experience I hope you had fun reading this update! Now it's time to enjoy my photos! Good morning roller coaster world! We need some energy before work! 102.7 is the radio station to listen to here in Sandusky! Hey hey hey! Do you want me to clean something? Ready for that towel marathon! Towel folding homies! Hey what up bro? Another million towels to fold! What about some window cleaning? I got a free snoopy! Greetings from America's Roller Coast! Work selfie! Back to work and cleaning windows! Welcome to my crib! Lake Erie and me have a deep relationship! Me in about 60 years? Things you find in Sandusky! These snakes though! New day, new energy needed! Wearing that Cedar Point sweater! So proud to be part of Cedar Fair this year! Me and that Magnum controls panel! Look who came visiting me! Stacy from last year's TPR Texas/Midwest trip! Holla! Beautiful weather in Ohio! Have a break! Need some food! Caf selfie! Last shots with Mantis! Bye bye Mantis! Last stand on Mantis! Beautiful fall weather! Obligatory Mantis photo! I wonder if these buttons will be sold for lots of money in a few years! Cedar Point at night! Even Millennium Force's sign is decorated with pumpkins! Heyheyhey! YAAAAAS! Our hoodies are here! Look at that skyline! Magnum XL 200 hoodie! My first but not last year here at Cedar Point! Dream! Dinner time! Yummy Yummy Yummy! Strobel. That's my last name! Kind of a big deal here in Sandusky! Let's watch a scary movie! But first let me get a ticket! Popcorn and Annabelle! So much food! Where are the people? Are they scared? Karaoke night at Crowbar! Love my friends! Yo what up? More food time! That Cinnamon Pizza is so relish! Back to work! Before work selfie! Hey Maggie! Are you ready? Not before we have test ridden you! One step at a time! Almost there! Made it! Amazing view! Yummy! Coaster porn! On top of the world! Happy Marcel the shell! So nice to see happy guests! Love my guests! See you soon guys! My favorite TTD guests!
  10. ^Haha I know! But everybody told me to try street food. It was okay but I can cross it from my to do list now
  11. Hello TPR! Here is another update of my summer here in America! One of my friends took my to a local diner here in Sandusky. It's called Berardis and it's really delish! I usually go to chain restaurants but I prefer local restaurants. Whenever you should be in Sandusky, go there! Cedar Point offered several bus trips to different destinations here in America (Chicago, Washington, Niagara Falls etc.) and I did the one to NYC! Yup, you're right, I went to one of the best cities in America! I loved NYC! The atmosphere was exactly how I knew it from all the movies that play there! I think my friends and me were the only ones that visited most of the famous places in NYC. We also went to Little Italy where they had a street event with lots of food! We really enjoyed our time in NYC and I definitely have to go back there one day to do Scott's Pizza tour! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your ride! Welcome to Berardis! Mac n' cheese! Salad time! Cookie! Coconut cake! Hello beauty! Ah I'm in NYC! Statue of Liverty NYC skyline! Staten Island Ferry Take the metro! Waiting for the metro! NYC life! Street food! Hey, what's up? For those who forgot what year it is Famous! Let's see some rich people! Best store ever! So New Yorkerish! Are we in a movie? I'm singing in the rain! Oh no, it's not raining! Sunshine! John Lennon memorial Group selfie! Welcome to Chinatown! Crazy street food! What the heck is that? Little Italy! Dude! Delish! Times Square! So touristic! Hershey is awesome!
  12. It's not the cleanest water, that's true, but honestly said I don't know. It's whether a timer or maintenance controls it. I'm not for sure, so I don't want to say something that is wrong
  13. What about Silver Dollar City and its cinnamon bread? Thanks for another great update of the trip! I love these traditional parks here in the States! It doesn't have to be a park with crazy thrill machines to be a good park! Thumbs up!
  14. ^Thank you all for the nice comments! There is only a restricted area where you are allowed to ''swim'', but swimming is not really possible, because the restricted area is really small and you can stand everywhere.
  15. Hello TPR! Another week, another CP update, another round of fun photos! Every summer, Cedar Point organizes a so called ''Big Bash'' which means FOOD, RIDES and FUN with friends for employees only! Unfortunately, the weather was really bad (rain, rain, rain, have I mentioned rain?) and I lost my phone a couple of days later, so the only photo I can share is a group photo of our food party. Even Marcel the shell has bad times here at Cedar Point. Losing my phone is definitely not fun. However, the Big Bash was really cool! They had amazing food (buffets, popcorn, ice cream) and they opened up some of the games plus you could ride Millennium Force and Mantis. All in all a really fun time! They even had a fireworks for us which was a really nice surprise! Since I'm international I don't get free tickets for the park as most of the American employees do, BUT I get free tickets for Challenge park (Skyscraper, Ripcord, Go Karts etc.), which all of the Americans don't get. That's why I took my friend Josh to Challenge park to conquer the rides there! We had a lot of fun! My friend Janis and me did the Ice bucket challenge which means that you first name the people that you nominate to do the challenge, too, and if they don't do it, they have to donate money to a charity project. When I was working Top Thrill Dragster the other day, Tony Clark and its crew did the same thing and it looked like they had a fun time! Cedar Point is closed during the week. That's why my friend and me went to the park to take photos of the rides and relaxing on the beach! I even went fishing for the first time of my life. It was really nice, since we went fishing right across from Cedar Point. The view of the skyline was stunning! ... the brand new Sling Shot! I got my free Challenge Park ticket, so I took... Food party! Crew outing at Thirsty Pony! Friendship! ...Skyscraper and... ...my friend Josh to ride Rip Cord and... ...Go Karts and... Random photo of me and TTD, because I love this coaster! We did the Ice Bucket Challenge! Bowling time! Me and my friends! Welcome to Cedar Point! Help me! Frankenstein tries to catch me! Power Tower and me! Dragster for sure! My home ride Magnum! Ready for the photo shoot? Dinosaurs at CP? What? I thought we had Dragons? Woop woop! International friendships! Beach! Am I in the photo? Jump time! Travel the world! Relaxing!
  16. Hello TPR members! I finally found some time to give you another update of my cedarfantastic summer! Halloweekends are pretty busy, especially on Saturdays which is the reason why I give you an update during the week, because that's when I have time Today's update is not about any roller coaster or theme park, but about my trip to Washington D.C. which I won because of an essay contest. I don't know if you guys know that I had to contact an American agency that is sponsoring my visa before coming to the U.S.. In my case it is CIEE. This agency organized a Civic Leadership summit in Washington D.C. where we did workshops and meetings about how to be a change maker in our country. Since I'm doing a cultural exchange program by working and living in the U.S., they wanted us to get a better understanding of how we could improve bad conditions in our country, all by learning from people from all over the world. They picked around 60 people out of 900 applicants and sent them to Washington D.C. All the costs were covered, so we didn't have to pay for any flight, accommodation or food. The leadership summit took place at American University, which means that we experienced the American University life as well. Each applicant had to write an essay or make a video to be selected. I decided to write an essay and I would love you to read my essay! I think I did a great job, especially because every word in this essay reflects my understanding of gaining an international experience. Theme Park Review is and will be forever a big part of my life since it connected me to so many people from all around the world. We all have the same passion: Theme Parks and Roller Coasters, and sharing a passion is one of the best things you can do in life. Making new friendships that last for a lifetime is amazing. Enjoy my cultural roller coaster ride throughout the United States! Cultural roller coaster ride through the United States of America A roller coaster train is going up a 500* feet tall roller coaster. On board: numerous passengers from all around the world. Their destination? America, the land of unlimited opportunity and freedom. Their mission? Sharing their culture with American citizens by working and living in the U.S. Right in the middle you can find one student: Marcel Strobel, a German roller coaster riding world traveler who is ready to start this thrilling cultural ride. All these people have one thing in common when they look down the lift hill: They are leaving their home country to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity: Being part of the CIEE Work & Travel program to acquire intercultural knowledge of both the American and other nations’ cultures. While looking back, everybody is bringing back memories why he or she dared to take this step into a cultural exchange… Marcel is thinking about his passion: riding roller coasters all over the world. Since he was a child, he has been dreaming of traveling the world to experience the most terrifying thrills, some of which you can only find in America, like the worlds highest and fastest roller coaster. He did not want to travel alone. He has always felt the urge to share these stunning and nerve-racking roller coaster rides with other people, preferably with people from all over the world. Thanks to his membership in the American roller coaster club Theme Park Review, he was able to make this dream come true and travel the United States with other coaster enthusiasts from all around the globe in summer last year: Americans, Germans, Dutch citizens, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians, Chinese citizens. They all were highly interested in sharing their passion for roller coasters. Thanks to this experience, Marcel became part of a cultural roller coaster exchange community and had the opportunity to share his German roller coaster career with citizens from all around the world. His career in this industry has not come to an end yet. CIEE fulfilled Marcel’s biggest life goal: Working and living at Cedar Point, which was voted the best amusement park in the world for 16 years in a row. Starting the Work & Travel program at Cedar Point will allow Marcel to be part of a team which runs a multi-million-dollar business in America. It will be a great honor to Marcel to place his passion for roller coasters and theme parks at Cedar Point’s disposal. Since Marcel will work in a roller coaster crew which consists of both local and international employees, it will guarantee Marcel to make multicultural friendships that last for a lifetime. Besides that, he wants to learn about life in a foreign country and develop himself both personally and professionally. The train has finally reached the top of the lift hill. All its passengers including Marcel are now facing the first drop, leaving behind their old life and looking forward to a cultural exchange ride of ups and downs, twists and turns and inversions that will make the passengers see the world from a different point of view. They all know that once they arrive in the station, their life will be different: They will have experienced new cultures, made new friendships and have a fantastic consciousness of the American and many other cultures! Fasten your seatbelt, put down your lap bar and hold on tight for this stunning cultural roller coaster ride called Work & Travel in the U.S. (copyright Marcel Strobel) U.S. excitement National Library Everybody I met this summer has to write into my Marcel The Shell book! Ready to fly! Besides me, there were a couple of other CP employees that went to Washington D.C. Waiting for boarding! Marcel the shell is in the... ...smallest airplane ever! Flying high! We landed! But first, let me take a selfie! Beautiful airport! Cosi was so delicious! Best thing: I didn't have to pay for it! CIEE was picking us up when we landed! We got water bottles and I wrote my ride on it: Magnum XL 200 American University is really fancy! The New York Times was replaced by a cheap Pizza flyer! Who can say no to food? Checking in to our dorms! Dinner time! Marcel from Germany is taking part of the... ...CIEE Leadership Summit in 2014! American University is really beautiful. That's why only the rich kids can study here. Group selfie! All the participants of this year's Leadership summit Me and the president Tara Abrahams from Girl Rising! Very good movie! Sight seeing time! Looks like a white house! Jumping in front of the Capitol! Tourists wherever you look! I'm right here! Look at that cheesecake! Yummy!!!! We had a fancy dinner at Carmines! So good! Another Capitol selfie! Too many people in one cab! Serious tourist photo! Mh, is that the White house? Ready to fly back to Cleveland! White House selfie! Hello! I'm in Washington D.C. Jumping high! Martin Luther King memorial! Fancy Carmines Best group ever! Worth a group selfie! Study hard! Friends from all over the world! Crazy people! After school craziness! What's up? I love my friends! Hair extensions Crazy Marcel!
  17. Thanks a lot for your nice words! appreciate it! I will be in America until late November, but I'm not planning on working at Cedar Point next season. I have different plans for next year.
  18. I'll be here until October 27! Please stop by and say hello! That would be super cool! I love all the people of last years Texas/Midwest trip because I still have contact to them! Miss u guys!
  19. Hello together! I'm sorry for not having updated my thread in the last couple of days, but as I have already said, I was pretty busy meeting up with friends, doing trips and planning my travels. However, I found some time to give you another update of my life here at Cedar Point. This time, it is all about enjoying my time here, going to Kings Island, getting my first American paycheck and X-MAS in July! Every once in a while, the crews are doing crew outings which means nothing else but having dinner at a random restaurant or hanging around somewhere. This time we went to Steak n' Shake and we combined our crew outing with our X-MAS in July gift exchange. My crew knew exactly what I love! That's why I got a T-Shirt of my favorite coaster Top Thrill Dragster and Hershey chocolate! Daily life was going on, so just buckle up and enjoy my photos! My first American paycheck! Millennium Force! Doug from last year's Texas/Midwest trip came visit me! Together we went shopping and... ...visiting Cedar Point! I'm so glad to have met this guy last year! Just chillin' in Raptor's queues! Hello! What's up? Looks busy! Biggest tree in the park! Maverick at night! Employee friendships! Sending postcards to my friends from all around the world! Mirror selfie! Best restaurant experience here: Chipotle! Magnum Marcel! Beach selfie! Employee food! I love Drop towers! Banshee and me! Look at that loop! Marcel the shell on the midway! I got another Best Day experience ticket! My all time favorite coaster: Top Thrill Dragster Magnum coworkers Time to eat at... ...Chili's Yummy! So delic! Off from work! Party time! Welcome to our crew outing at Steak n' shake! Burgers, fries and... X-MAS in July! My crew knows what I love! Hanging out with me means having fun! Beach time! Welcome to Kings Island! Ready to ride! CP the place to be! Mantis! Stand up straight! American buffet experience! Ice cream cone! My spanish queen Liz and me! Welcome to Magnum! What is this hat doing here? ...Milkshakes!
  20. I love all of your photos! Excellent quality! Nice to see you and your family having a cedarfantastic day
  21. Hello everybody! New week, new update of my CP adventure. During my first weeks here at Cedar Point, I had to struggle with a sore knee. It hurt so much because of checking restraints. I had to bend down all the time and I was just not used to working physically that much. This experience made me appreciate the work of all the amusement park employees so much more. I think you only know how much work it is to run a theme park if you have worked at one. I could barely walk, but thanks to Bengay and Advil I could still be part of the show. After a while, my knee got used to that work and I haven't had any problems since that day. I spent time at the park whenever I had time. There was no day where I didn't visit the park, whether it was for riding rides, working or just walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. I was so excited to look at all the rides and just seek the park's atmosphere. This year, Cedar Point is handing out ''Best Day Experience Tickets'', which means that guests get tickets that they can give to employees who provided an excellent service and made their day unique. If you turn in these tickets with your name on it you can win a prize. One day I was spieling and checking restraints and when guests got off the ride they gave me one of these tickets. I was the happiest person alive because I couldn't believe that I gave a guest the best day experience. I mean, I'm an international and I thought it would be hard to get one of these. The reason why they gave me that ticket was my way of interacting with the guests through the microphone. Honestly said, I love spieling and entertaining guests before riding, because it is a wonderful way to animate people. If they decide to be joyful and play with you, it is one of the best things guests can give you back as a ride operator. I mean, I want them to have a great day and if I can make them happy by talking to them on the ride, I'm more than happy to do that. It also proofed that my English is not that bad as I thought it would be compared to all the Americans on my crew. Buckle your seatbelt first, pull down on your lap bar second and enjoy your ride Things you find at Cedar Point's restrooms. Sore knee. That's not the only reason why I was sad... ...it was also raining. The show must go on, even though it's raining. My friend Amanda and me love to be happy, even though I had... ...a sore knee. I just love being happy. Watching the country show at Cedar Point. Hey Mantis, will you be here next year? Funnel cake time! Caught at Cedar Point Millie nerd shot Marcel at the petting zoo. Cedar Point arranged a FREE BBQ for its employees Welcome to Cedar Point This meal tasted a little bit like a home cooked meal from Germany. Yummy! My nickname here: MARCEL THE SHELL Hidden photo spot on the beach: Gatekeeper! Sun down! My two favorites here at CP: Magnum and Top Thrill Let's try Dairy Queen. I love Top Thrill Dragster Welcome to Magnum XL 200! Mantis: stand up straight! Happy CP employee The nicest bus ever! I got the Best Day Experience ticket Living at Cedar Point means living on his own: doing laundry is part of living far from home Great day to take photos of... ...Maverick and... ....Mean Streak and... ...Gatekeeper Gatekeeper in action The blue matches with the sky! See you guys at Cedar Point!
  22. ^Thanks Yin! In my opinion, the second row of car 6 is the best row.
  23. Europa Park offers really good food options as a theme park. I love their Italian restaurant across from Euro Sat.
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