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  1. Living here in Germany didn't even make me realize that they were building this amazing looking coaster until everybody started posting about it! Go Intamin!
  2. Haha that photo of Steve bouncing on the trampoline made my day Great TR Thad! I always enjoy reading them since they remind me of how much fun TPR is
  3. So many reasons to visit the UAE soon! When is time to go back?
  4. When I went to the Spring fun fair with Werner the other day, we discovered a brand new traveling kiddie coaster! It's called the Racing coaster made by SBF Coaster Group. The ride itself is actually really intense for a kiddie coaster, because it has a pretty decent helix. The most bizarre thing about this coaster is its theming! It's a mixture of Disney (yes, they use the Disney font) and White Castle! They're actually advertising White Castle on the coaster and it also shows Coney Island's coasters! More Disney! This helix was intense! One more time! Choo Choo! Rollback on the lift hill You can get your ticket here! Welcome to the 'By disney inspired' Kid's Coaster White Castle is gonna be famous here in Germany! Only one helix, but hey, you're on the... RACING COASTER! Can I even see Top Thrill Dragster here? Helix time! Are we at German Disneyland?
  5. I LOVE the German restaurant. Their food looks very delicious! Great TR!
  6. Really? What's your name? The theme park world is very small! Thank you guys for your kind words! Appreciate it!
  7. Hey TPR! With this update, my Australia adventure comes to an end! Since I have visited many other non theme park related places in Australia, this update is covering my last theme park visit in Australia. I took an internal flight from Sydney to Perth where I visited my friend Adrian, who is also here on TPR!. We went to Adventure World, which is a small theme park that also has a water park! They recently added the new Gerstlauer coaster Abyss! I'm sorry for all the Gerstlauer fans out there, but the OTSR are very bad! So much head banging! However, the layout of the coaster is quite interesting and I really loved the airtime hill! It came out of the nothing and I was totally surprised about so much airtime! As I said, the park is very small and doesn't offer too many thrilling attractions. I loved that the park was hilly! I don't know why, but it gave the park its charm. It was very hot that day, so we enjoyed spending some time doing the slides at the water park! Don't forget to ride the cable car from the top of the mountain! You get a great view from up there and it goes directly over the swimming pool! Don't jump into the water from up there though! Keep in mind that they don't accept international credit cards, even though it says Visa! Thanks to my friend, I was able to pay with his money, but if you intend on visiting the park, brin some cash! I crashed their system twice and it didn't work! That's actually a bad thing and the park should really work on this issue! How are internationals supposed to pay there?! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my trip report and got inspired for your next travel to Australia! Can't wait for future trip reports! Welcome to Adventure World! It looks good! That's where the train goes! Really? Gerstlauer though! Typical Gerstlauetr first drop! Looks steep! Let me test this first! Blue sky and roller coasters! Abyss!! Looks interesting! Watch your head! I LOVE those old school free fall towers! Reminds me of German fun fairs! Yup, they even have a waterpark! The park seems to be in the middle of nowhere! Cable cars! The program was actually pretty decent! I look like a tanning victim!
  8. ^Wow! This old train looks terrific but amazing! The modern one is like a cage!!! I'd prefer the old version I think!
  9. Hey TPR! If you're looking for some really nostalgic coaster, this is your update! I went to the Blue Mountains where you can find Orphan Rocker or at least what has been left over. This coaster was constructed in 1988, but it has never opened to the public! To me, it's one of those mysterious coaster failures that are quite fascinating! I mean, a coaster got built, but it was never opened. Isn't that crazy? The coaster is still along the mountains, covered by trees and leaves. I asked an employee about the coaster, because there are actually no signs about its history or anything, and he told me that they're working on fixing it and replacing it by a new one within the next couple of years. I'm not sure if they had been discussing this project for a longer time though! Let's wait and be surprised! The setting would be amazing for a new coaster! However, the coaster was not the main reason to go there! There is Scenic Skyway with which you ride between the cliffs, the Scenic Railway, which is really really steep, and the Scenic Cableway that takes you up the mountains. It's quite a thrilling experience! Not only can you use that kind of transportation as many time as you want, but you can also hike up there! It feels like being in the rainforest with all the birds tweeting and just being in Australia! A very unique not theme park related experience! Welcome to the Blue Mountains! Sure this is safe? Impressive! Scenic World! I'm excited! No supports! 21st technology! Time for a walk! Welcome to the jungle! Australian rainforest! Postcard time! Those cliffs were high! Hey! Just chilling at Blue Mountains! Their trees look twisty! Nature! Covered with trees! There is our transportation! Please don't drop! Looks like the jungle! Hey! I'm your safari guide! Orphan Rocker! It looks weird seeing this lift hill next to the cable car! This coaster looks dangerous! Looks like engineering stuff! More trees! I find cables fascinating! Looks like it's gonna open right? This railway is steep! Ready, set, go! Yay! They survived! I'm still alive! Ready for a walk! This is not fake! Looks like a ferris wheel? Voodoo in Australia?! Mh no departure yet? Time to take a photo with the Scenic Railway sign! That's not steep!
  10. Hey TPR! On our way back to Sydney, we passed Coffs Harbour where they have a toboggan. It doesn't count as a credit, but it's super fun since it is in the middle of a banana plantation. You had to sign a paper confirming that you will ride on your own risk! They also have a candy shop where they make candy in front of you! It's super interesting and fascinating to see! The smell is incredible and they also give you samples of it! When we were back in Sydney, it was time to check out downtown Sydney, which means more credits! Sydney has Luna Park where you ride this old Wild Mouse, which is super fun! I got on the ride and thought I didn't not need to hold on, but the airtime was INSANE! Like seriously, it was one of these surprisingly good rides! Thumbs up for that! We also did their free fall tower which was amazing. when we were going up, we realized that the tower was actually higher than it seemed to be! Apart from these two rides, we were not riding anything else just because I knew all the other rides from fun fairs in Germany. We decided to explore downtown Sydney and go up the Sydney Tower Eye from where you have an amazing view of Sydney! Culture Credit! Harbour Bridge! Opera House! Impressive! The Botanic Gardens is home of the... ...Government House! Looks like an English castle! Fancy! Welcome to my crib! I love taking the ferry! Go Australia! Fish and chips! More culture credits! That's where Modern Family got shot! Welcome to Sydney! Rollie time! This wild mouse was CRAZY! Look how old it is! Airtime! No Photoshop guys! Skytower's entrance! Sydney's skyscrapers! Towertime! The view was amazing! Candy time! Look at that candy! Welcome to Coffs Harbour! The BIG BANANA Toboggan time! Even the ticket says BIG BANANA Going up that lift hill! Luna Park! More wild mouse! Can I start working here? You ready? Better hold on! Hey! Look how beautiful! It's a Hair Raiser! Just beautiful! Hey hey hey! Sydney is...? Sydney by night!
  11. I'm honestly not sure I could rank them, but if i had to it would look something like this: 1. Texas Giant, Outlaw Run, Medusa 2. Iron Rattler 3. Goliath I seriously cannot separate the top 3. I expected something like that! thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  12. Wow! These photos look amazing! How would you personally rank existing RMC coasters, Robb?
  13. Those photos look AMAZING! I'm going there this year and I actually didn't watch any photos, but when I saw this trip report I just had to look! Looks incredible!
  14. ^If you're only interested in getting the credits, you will be able to see all of those parks in 2 days! Movie World is right next to Wet'n Wild which is why I recommend doing those two! The next day, you could go to Sea World, get those two credits and drive to Dreamworld!
  15. They were not too bad, but it's still pretty bumpy! I loved them both!
  16. Hey TPR! My Australian adventure hasn’t finished yet! Traveling the Gold Coast goes on and this time I’m showing you Dreamworld!, Australia’s BIGGEST theme park on the Gold Coast! We went there on two separate days, because our first day was messed up due to weather conditions! Yes, Australia isn’t as sunny as it is advertised around the world. However, we made the best of our visit to this amazing park! During our first day, we had their Fast Pass system, which was a kind of Qbot on your smartphone, so you had to reserve a spot for every ride and then show the ride operator your reservation. Since it was raining all day long, it wasn’t really worth it, but we benefited of it and rode all the rides multiple times. A big compliment to the park for not shutting down their rides due to rain. Everything was still open, so we could ride and ride and ride and ride. It wasn’t that kind of a pleasure, but hey we’re theme park enthusiasts so where’s the problem? We bought some ponchos, which was the best idea ever. By the end of the day we also bought a new shirt, because our clothes were literally drenched. We decided to spend the rest of our first day at the water park, because we were soaked and hey it’s a water park! White Waterworld is right next to Dreamworld and their lines were actually longer than the ones from the rides at Dreamworld. During our second day we had perfect weather conditions! We rode everything again and even visited the zoo where we were able to see Kangaroos and hold a Koala! Guys, if you’re ever going to Dreamworld, you HAVE to hold a Koala. It’s the only place where it is legally allowed to hold a Koala in Eastern Australia as far as I know. It’s definitely not allowed in New South Wales, but when I visited Adventureworld in Western Australia, it was allowed. I even got an Aboriginal face paint! It was a really fun day! Unfortunately, their Motocoaster was down for mechanical reasons, which is why I have to go back there sometime in the future to get this credit No, just kidding. Their drop tower was AMAZING as well as Tower of Terror! Really fun and thrilling machines! And now, look for your beach dress and your towel, because you might get soaked! Enjoy my trip to Dreamworld! ...they have a GIANT DROP TOWER This looks CRAZY! I wanna drop! The Claw! NEVER ride it during rain! Claw and Wipe out! Is it raining? Welcome to cloudy Dreamworld! My dream is to have nice weather! Perhaps not. But hey..., ...Intamin can save me! HELP ME! Sharknado came to Australia and I'm gonna be killed! Only... Wipe Out is definitely a thrill ride! This coaster tried to kill me *smile* Dreamworld Happiness! Roller Coasters in the dark! Never leave me! Things you see in Australia! KOALAS! I wanna take a nap! You don't wanna get bitten by that snake! Kangaroos are my favs! I even got an Aboriginal face paint! I'm so Aboriginal! There is the Dreamworld Happiness! Time for some snacks! HELP ME!!!! Hooray! Nice weather! Thanks for visiting Dreamworld!
  17. Welcome back to my Australian adventure! After the amazing visit to Warner Bros. Movie World, it was time to go to the last remaining Sea World park in the world that I needed to visit: Sea World Gold Coast Australia! With that being said, we spent half of the day watching shows and riding their two roller coasters, the Intamin Jet Rescue and the Mack water coaster Storm Runner, which was added in 2013! Their dolphin show ''Affinity'' was the best dolphin show I've ever seen so far. They also had a monorail, which made me feel like being at WDW! First thing in the morning was Jet Rescue and what should I say? We got stuck in the last break for about 15 minutes, but hey, it was sunny and we were able to tan! Could have been worse! The coaster layout is actually really nice and a lot of fun! I also liked their water coaster Storm Runner, which was a very good choice of Sea World I think. Since most of the guests are families, a thrill machine wouldn't have been a good decision. I must admit, my favorite Sea World parks remain Sea World San Diego for its scenery and Sea World Orlando for its rides! I don't have too many photos of that day, because Sea World also has this very strict loose article policy and everything must be in a locker! If you're just into credit whoring you can literally do the credits and leave. We spent the other half of the day at Wet'n Wild which was truly amazing! The weather at the Gold Coast was pretty CRAZY (rain, rain, rain, rain) which you will see when I post my TR about Dreamworld. When we went to Wet'n Wild, it was the first day where it was actually sunny. That's why the park was pretty crowded, but we were able to do every slide! Their slides are just amazing! For me, a student who lives in Germany, these water parks are something I don't have too much here. That's why I really appreciated riding all these slides. They're really fun! I am sorry for not having any photos of Wet'n Wild Gold Coast, but it's a water park and I didn't have a waterproof case for my iPhone. I'm pretty sure that you can browse TPR and you'll find great footage of this excellent water park! When we went back to our hotel, we went up the Skypoint tower, which is an observation deck from where you can see the Gold Coast! It was included in the Dreamworld pass. It's pretty nice to go there and see the sundown, so I can highly recommend it, if you're into that! YAY! Sea World! Welcome to Sea World! Looks like I'm on a vacation! Don't come closer! Yup, Gold Coast looks cloudy! Dolphins! They even had cable cars! Credit time! Looks legit! ...Intamin! Looks like an... Storm Runner is a... ...Mack water... ...roller coaster! Reminds me of Poseidon at Europa Park! Random scenery! Those trees in Australia are impressive! Are we at WDW? Sadly not :/ So many people! Don't attack me! Hey my friend! What's up? Polar bears! Sleeping all day! So lazy! They even had a shark bay! Their dolphin show was amazing! Look at the landscape! The show starts! Dolphins seem to be so intelligent! Up in the air! Their tricks were impressive! Awesome! I've been to every single Sea World park in the world! Time to see the Gold Coast! Look at that view! This city is in the water! Impressive! Don't go away sun! I need to go to Tokyo! Big city! There was our hotel!
  18. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.) My videos are set to autplay both only my computer and my mobile devices such as my iPhone and iPad. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? I find myself sharing content from TPR recently, but I think most of the time I'm liking your updates. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) It's most likely videos and photos. 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? It depends on if I'm at school or at home. At school I most likely watch like the first 30 seconds and when I'm home or on the train I watch the rest! 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? (the image you see with the > Play icon before you click to watch a video) They're kind of important I think, because they catch your attention. I'd assume that most of the people don't read the headline when they see a youtube video, just because they're so fixed on the thumbnail! 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I love Facebook for browsing and watching news updates, such as coaster or theme park updates. It annoys me that it filters stuff! Sometimes I don't see all of the theme park stuff. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? I'd love to see more updates of what you're doing throughout the day, like hey editing a video for you guys and then posting a photo with you and your laptop! I don't know if I'm an exception when it comes to things like that, but I love following people's way of life and be inspired. What about new contests? I know that they are expensive because of shipping, but how about if the majority is right, we're posting a new update, video or whatever?
  19. Arkham Asylum was open and it was indeed way better than with these crazy standard SLC restraints. Do you know who built them? But let's be honest, it's still just an SLC
  20. Glad you're doing another TR Andy! As always, great start and I can't wait for all the other amazing updates!
  21. Hey TPR! FINALLY some coaster photos are coming! This time I'm reporting about my time at Movie World, Gold Coast Australia! My friend and me drove from Sydney to Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast, which takes you about 10 hours. It was nice to discover Australia on the road! We stayed at Chateau Beachside Resort, which was right next to the beach. The view from our apartment was incredible and we didn't pay a fortune for it. With regards to theme park admission prices, I can highly recommend getting both the VIP Magic Pass, which gets you access to Movie World, Wet n' Wild and Sea World ($109,99 AUD) and the Dreamworld Holiday World Pass for Dreamworld and Skypoint in Surfers Paradise ($89,99 AUD). They are worth it since you can easily park hop between the parks during your stay there! Single park admission is quite expensive there (around $80-90 AUD). Keep also in mind, that you have to get a locker at every park except for Dreamworld. Australia has even crazier loose article policies than most of the parks in America. They even make you show your pockets at Superman at Movie World. This is also why I haven't gotten many photos at these parks, but still tried to get some after we rode everything. The Australian parks are very small, but it's nice to see how they tried to run at least some parks over there. I don't understand why they don't have more theme parks and roller coasters, because Australia is one of the main tourist destinations and they would make lots of money I think. However, don't expect too much when going there. I wouldn't travel to Australia to just ride coasters. That's not worth the money. My favorite ride was Superman the escape at Movie World. It's such a fun ride and Intamin of course! We got Fast Pass ($60 AUD), because it was quite busy. They only sell a certain amount of them per day, so that there is still a fast pass guaranteed! With that being said, enjoy the first day at the Gold Coast and have fun riding coasters! Welcome to the movies! Didn't watch the show. The weather in Australia was against me! Batman! I LOVED this wild mouse! So amazing! YUM! Their sandwiches were so relish! Hey Roxanne! My VIP Magic Pass! Green Lantern's LED lights look awesome! We made it! The weather is really not that great! Driving to the Gold Coast! Wait, the weather doesn't look very nice! The view from our apartment! But I want to ride coasters! So let's go! YAS! Finally a coaster! More Intamin! I've seen it somewhere! I'm scared! This coaster was fun! Have fun! INTAMIN! Log flume time! Hooray! Where is this track taking us? This tower was the best S&S tower I've been on! I WANNA RIDE! This top hat! Do you wanna marry me? No answer! STILL no answer! Hug time!
  22. There's Kurpfalzpark in Wachenheim that has an alpine coaster. It's close to Holiday Park! Check Holiday Park's website for special deals
  23. Reading these last replies from other Europeans makes me really said! I'm European as well but seriously, why are you guys so crazy when it comes to a new ride? I just had a class about cultural cross training and your reaction to Robb's post supports the thesis that Europeans only see the negative aspects before looking at all the positive things one has said! Before replying that Robb is not happy with any ride, which is obviously NOT true, you should rather read the text first and comment afterwards. I totally agree with Robb, also claiming that European coaster enthusiasts take everything so seriously and feel attacked easily. They always want to be the best and argue about every single detail. Baron does look like a fun coaster and a great addition to the park, don't get me wrong. However, we have so many others coasters that look so much greater and that we should be proud of, too! It's not that Europe doesn't have anything to offer so that every new ride needs to be overhyped.
  24. Another day, another Australia update from me, Marcel the shell! I hope I'm not boring you with all the landscape photos, but I promise you that there will be some roller coasters soon! I just think that Australia has to be presented with many beach photos, since their beaches are so beautiful! One of my favorite beaches is Manly beach! The waves there are incredible! I will never forget the day at Manly, because there was a minor incident that day! I just say SHARKNADO! We got right out of the water and were going back to our place when we heard a siren. Lifeguards were telling people to get immediately out of the water because they had spotted a shark! I have never seen people going out of the water so quickly! It's a very great job the lifeguards did there. I also haven't experienced any shark evacuation or anything similar, so this was really one of these things that I can cross from my bucket list! Experienced it, never need to experience it again! Manly Beach is way more touristy, but in a positive way! The atmosphere is just amazing! I can highly recommend going to Moo burgers at Manly Beach. It's one of these Aussie burger chains that serve kind of healthy and good quality burgers! Their restaurant is on the first level and their patio is facing the ocean side, so you'll have a great view during lunch! Just stunning and delish! We also had some ice cream at Gelatissimo, which is so yummy! It's expensive (what isn't in Australia), but well worth it and you don't it eat every day! So, put on some swim shorts, your Ray Bans, turn on the heater in your room and feel a little bit like an Aussie when watching my photos! Welcome to Sydney! Let's go on a cruise! Have you ever seen TWO selfies in one? Cultural credit: Sydney's Opera House Sydney from far away! I heart Aussieland Moo Burgers! Ready for food? Look at this view! FOOD! YUMMY! May I present you the Aussie way of burgers? Beach time! Hey guys! Ready to swim! First, let me take some more #IHeartAustralia photos! I'm in the ocean! Dammit! More #IHeartAustralia photos! Sorry I made it to... ...Sydney! I'm SCARED! Does this mean I need to be rescued by a... ...hot lifeguard? Time to go back HELP! Pirates are taking hostage of us! What's this? What about some ice cream?
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