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  1. looks like the inside of a computer
  2. As weird as this is, how can they say that theyve made the record at 102 when they had to change people 3 times? Surely they should have to be on the same ride at the same time like they did with the last one - Nemesis at 32 people was just one train
  3. ^ It's certainly bigger than the one at Disneyland Seriously though, I think it's probably either that castle or Hogwarts Castle
  4. It's kinda like shower gel but it comes out of the can as a foam instead of a gel. As for the use? Maybe all the TPR peeps wanted to see if they could turn Valhalla into a giant car wash for people
  5. Voted today like I have since it was first posted on here - Good Luck!!
  6. Good to see you're all having a great time over here. Are you guys coming to Pleasurewood Hills while you're all over here??
  7. Just come back from a university trip I ran to BPB - and everyone is saying what a fantastic time they had!!
  8. ^ I'm gonna have to agree with you on the worst one - I know it's my home park so I'm never gonna like it as much as I should, but it really isn't good
  9. Havng ridden Valhalla, I cant see why it wouldn't count - It's a log flume like any other with 2 or 3 big drops. The only difference is that it is heavily themed and indoors. Because of this, I'd say Valhalla and Drayton Manor's Storm Force 10 are the best I've been on. As for the worst, I've enjoyed most of the ones I've ridden so don't really have a 'worst'.
  10. ^ If it runs the same as other B&M flyers, then yes you do during 3 train operation. If there's only 2 trains running, only one station is open and so, obviously, you return to the same side that you left from
  11. Has this actually been confirmed or is it just a rumour?
  12. ^ It's 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' - the music AT used to use on all it's adverts Andrew
  13. 14/20 - Probably my best score yet edit: Sorry for the double post - for some reason I can't delete it
  14. Here's two photos of the waveswinger at Pleasurewood Hills. A couple of years ago it was renamed 'Sky Hooks'.
  15. Did you go to the strange show with the buttons in the other area?
  16. I have it on my phone. It's a great game to play when I'm queuing for the old woodie near me - just a shame the brakeman on it isn't quite as relaxed as the one on the game
  17. Can we go back to that weird spiky belt buckle thingy? I'm still wondering what it actually is
  18. Is it an old floppy disc drive?
  19. 5/20 and at least 2 of those were guesses - I'm obviously not a nerd
  20. Firstly, Awesome video!! Best thing I've seen this week. Secondly, theres a website that explains how to do download it step by step using firefox, IE8 or Opera: http://share.vnamedia.net/29/09/2009/software/how-to-download-embedded-flash-files-using-your-browser.html I tried the IE8 method but couldnt find the right file. Hopefully one of you will have better luck Andrew
  21. Pretty much - it's a security thing with a chip in it - you put it down the seat thing and its near impossible to remove. Gotta love the freshers week freebies!! Well done - your turn now
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