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  1. Is Elissa's mum on the trip?? If she is then thats my guess. If not, I'm gonna guess Lou Andrew
  2. ^ Sorry about that everyone - I've been camping for a few days so haven't had any internet access. Your turn Kennyweird
  3. May as well post another one - Good luck everyone!! WTF is it???
  4. It's a really nice vanilla ice cream on a stick covered in, in this case, white chocolate but can be covered in any chocolate. I didn't know you could get them outside of the UK
  5. ^Why not?? It worked for me and should for you if you're still in the UK. There was a little play button that took me a few minutes to see though
  6. Can you give us a description of the photo so that we know which one is yours?
  7. Surely the easiest thing to do would be to push the train backwards and make use of the anti-rollback brakes to stop the train
  8. Dunno about specifics but it is indeed an Infra-Red Spectrometer - Did I leave some kind of model number somewhere or are you a Chemist??
  9. Time to bring this thread back Good Luck!!
  10. I've been waiting for a UK trip for couple of years now. All I need to do now is get a job and start saving
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that those water dummies - I mean 'Terminators' - have the best job in the world??
  12. Has anyone been back to Liseberg to see if the messages are still written on Balder or isn't it possible for the public to access that area??
  13. Is it used on railways - especially preserved/heritage lines??
  14. ^ I thought it would be a Brit that got it - I dont think they have them in the States. Well done - your turn now
  15. Here's mine - Good luck everyone!! If it helps, the object is plastic Sorry about the pic - its a gif file so the dont have a backround
  16. Is it a quick-release mechanism for a crane cable - pull the brass bit and then the loop on the right releases
  17. They were selling off a load of the old roller coaster cars on ebay not too long ago.
  18. ^I'm gonna have to agree. I thought it was great. Definitely lived up to all the hype. It had a great storyline, it was well edited and the green screen stuff was good too. Next stop Hollywood eh?? Andrew
  19. ^ Wipeout, although being suprisingly smooth, still isnt anything special. I have only ridden it once and I live 8 miles away. It still amazes me that people seem to love it so much that there is often a 45 minute queue for it. I did the Segway GP a couple of weeks ago. It's about £4 for 6 laps so I can definitely see people getting distracted there if the next UK tour stops in Yarmouth again. Andrew
  20. About 15 miles away from where the knights who used to say 'Ni!' live How can bees fly??
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