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  1. As Kennyweird hasn't posted a new photo, here's another for you
  2. ^ looks like it's been removed from youtube as well - damn
  3. ^ It is indeed. Specifically, it's a working version of Charles Babbage's difference engine - essentially a huge calculator.
  4. ^ Sort of - I'd like a bit more specifics though cos this is quite a famous one
  5. ^ Oh right. Heres the next one everybody - might be a bit easy though. Good Luck!!
  6. Looks like part of a helicopter - the top of the driveshaft and the mechanism that allows the rotor blades to tilt
  7. ^^^ How'd you do?? I got my A level results yesterday and they were enough to get me into Huddersfield Uni doing Chemistry
  8. ^Could only be ride op error. How else could two trains collide on a coaster that doesn't have many, if any computers running it??
  9. ^^ The BBC link for the story is from 2007. The new one can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/staffordshire/8162506.stm
  10. That first zoo place seems really weird to me. What kind of place lets people in with the lions and tigers but keeps the camels behind a fence??
  11. ^ There is one in Glasgow already if you want to find out just how awesome it is. It's in the same place as the indoor snow slope.
  12. Looks like a lock barrel - the thing that turns when the key is put in it
  13. I've seen some Photo TRs where the photos are the wrong way round. I have a couple of Photo TRs that I haven't posted yet because I don't want to get it wrong. Could somebody please clarify which order the photos should be posted in please?? Thanks, Andrew
  14. ^^ Sorry - I didn't know that there was more than one airport. I'm flying Ryanair so it's Gothenburg City Airport. ^ Having someone to hang out with would be great. I'll be at the entrance to Liseberg at opening time on the 12th of August - going on the 12th gives me much more park time than the 13th cos we fly mid-evening on the 23th. Andrew
  15. Thanks!!! My hotel is just across the road from the park so that bus sounds perfect. Thanks for the advice on Balder too. I'm planning to ride it several times so the smoother I can get it, the better. Andrew
  16. Is it a computer processor??
  17. Hi everyone, Having read in the Scandi reports how amazing Balder is at the moment, I'm going to Liseberg on the 13th August to experience it for myself. I have one day in the city and the other at the park. What is the best way to get from the airport to the city centre or Liseberg and what should I see during my day in the city?? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  18. ^ I've never been to a Taco Bell either - There's only 1 in the whole UK and thats in RAF Lakenheath which is a US Air Force Base so the public can't use it
  19. The results have been posted on Robb's facebook page so I think thats the end of the guessing. We will have to wait until later for Big Mike to announce the winner
  20. ^Just what I was thinking - presumably this time it wasn't a private party
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