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  1. Hi, From central London, you need to take a train from London Waterloo to Staines (the train will probably either have Windsor or Reading on the front although there's an A-Z destination board right by the station entrance). From there, you can catch the Thorpe Park bus right to the ticket desks. Hope you have a great time over here, and Welcome to TPR!! Andrew
  2. There's no mention of this on the Rumba Rapids page, or indeed any other page of their website. Surely if they were really doing this then they would've changed the entry requirements on there??
  3. ^ And, judging by the number and type of seats, they're in some kind of transport waiting area - probably another airport departure lounge
  4. The twitter feed links to a page on CNN's international site which would suggest that they are no longer in the US and it is about the cold weather in Europe which could mean that they are travelling through Europe
  5. As far as I know, the work is all meant to be done for the start of April so probably won't be open in early March - It might be worth emailing the park to find out how work is progressing and also if the opening is being moved forwards though
  6. PMBO at Blackpool is currently being re-profiled in various places and has been at least once before - I'm not 100% sure whether it was because of the coaster being too rough or too intense but either way, it was redesigned - maybe someone else can shed a little light on this one
  7. Is it just me or does it look like Flamingoland want to sell the coaster?? When the Corkscrew at AT was taken down, all but the corkscrew elements were torn down - here they all appear to have been unbolted and taken down in sections so it could be sold. In a way, I kinda hope it will be sold and rebuilt or at least stored somewhere for a few years as there aren't that many of them left now and as headache-inducing as they are, they're a pretty important part of coaster history and so I think a few examples should be preserved.
  8. That is the only thing we can be confident about at the moment. The previous article was what the current plan for the site is although it is dependant on the site being purchased by the council. If this does not happen, the scenic railway will still be restored, however the rest of the site will become 400 houses. If you look a few posts earlier in this thread, you'll see that a hearing is happening at the moment to decide the fate of the site with the result expected soon. Hopefully the heritage park plan will go ahead but whatever the outcome I, like you, look forward to riding the Scenic Railway
  9. I think the council will be successful with the CPO for a number of reasons: Firstly, Margate has a number of empty houses already and so the last thing they need is 400 more houses The government is trying to promote tourism in the UK and creating a heritage park would certinly help with this. Levels of unemployment in Margate is quite high and so the park would create jobs too There is much more public support for Dreamland than for a housing estate
  10. Very tough quiz - 9/20 - and most of those were guesses
  11. Lightwater Valley Blackpool Pleasure Beach Walibi Belgium (TR Coming Soon) and tomorrow, Pleasurewood Hills
  12. I think the 60m refers to the overall height of the tower rather than the height of the drop. Also, surely the drop tower mentioned above can be retrofitted with a 24 seat gondola. Whatever happens though, it is a much needed ride for the park and hopefully a sign of things to come Andrew
  13. I spent mine riding the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley - Guess i must've been one of the ones left behind to incur the wrath of God
  14. Found this on BBC News today. Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-12645416
  15. Storm Force 10 at Drayton Manor - I was sat at the back of the boat, thinking that the splash would only get the first few rows. Of course, I did remember about the backwards drop Its the wettest I've ever been on a ride. It was like standing under one of those splash bucket things - I really couldve gone swimming straight afterwards and not got any wetter. Took about 7 hours for my TPR hoodie to dry out after that Great ride though
  16. Oakwood in Wales - Megafobia, Speed: No Limits, Hydro - 'nuff said
  17. That looks like Formula Rossa's station - It's definitely a ride at Ferrari World from the uniforms of the ride ops in the background - Hope you guys are having fun
  18. I think you guys might be headed for Sweden - maybe for Elissa to once again declare her love for Balder The flight path was clearly headed to somewhere in Europe and on the pic where everyone is trying to figure out the airline from the carpet, I think the real clue are the two colours - yellow and blue - the same colours, albeit different shades, but still the same colours of the swedish flag Although I'm probably way off
  19. ^ Thanks - I think we do have the print at home tickets so a trip to the guest services desk will be required hopefully they wont be too hard to deal with. And as for your crepe lady, ill keep my eyes peeled for her
  20. Hi Everyone, My family and I (15 of us) are hitting up DLP in the last week of october - we aren't staying on site but we have 2 1 day/2 park tickets. What would be the best way to spend that time and which days do you think will be best in that week?? Thanks in advance, Andrew
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