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  1. No - this thing is used inside the frame of a bicycle although a dog, in the UK at least, would have a smaller on of these
  2. ^Nope - seeing as you all seem to be struggling, I'll tell you that if you have a dog, they will have a smaller version of this in them
  3. Dunno - it's more fun to do it with a coaster (TPR UK 2006) Why am I still up at 1am??
  4. Not considering that it is designed to be un-removable
  5. 13/20 - about the right score for a more normal person
  6. Looks like you had a good time in the UK. The colosseum type building is the old London County Hall which is now the London Aquarium owned by the same people as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park.
  7. ^It isn't. I have no idea about the desk - it's just the one in my uni halls
  8. Nope to all. If you remember, I said about it being for putting down a metal tube, what if I told you that that metal tube was a bicycle frame??
  9. It isn't a stopper but it is meant to go down a metal tube
  10. See how you get on with this What is it??
  11. Cos too many ACErs went there thinking it was the Seaworld ride Why do we have wasps??
  12. I'm not sure what they're called but I know what you are talking about - there were two at the Millennium Dome in London 9 years ago. Have you tried contacting the museum to see if they can give you any more information?
  13. ^^^^^ Theres a POV on here: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=4_Toboggan_p4et[/coastertube] I've seen one that Robb filmed with Casey but I can't remember where I saw that though
  14. ^ Considering that it has been heavily rumoured to be a mega-lite, it could well be Intamin track
  15. Is it a tool used to make wavy paper?? Put the paper between the wheel things and turn the key to put waves in the paper
  16. The Puppeteer puts it right at the back of their mouth so that when they speak, a little reed or something inside it resontes to produce the distinctive Mr Punch voice. The downside is that all other voices must be done whist it is still in place meaning that quite a few have been accidently swallowed. In the UK, you arent considered a Punch and Judy Professor unless you have swallowed your swazzle at least twice.
  17. ^It is indeed. I'm amazed that people are still allowed to use these - surely Health and Safety have tried to ban the m because of the choking hazard. Well done Yellow Jacket, Your turn now
  18. ^Nope - This item is pretty distinctive to Punch and Judy shows. As far as I know, nothing else uses it
  19. ^nope - It's more about the puppeteer than the puppets
  20. Punch and Judy - Thats all I'm gonna say
  21. No to all of the above. This one is gonna be difficult for most people cos it is involved with something distinctly British - Traditional days out at the seaside. If you need more clues, just ask
  22. I've just been on CoasterTube and was amazed and how popular this video is - It was only posted 3 or 4 days ago and already has over 24,500 views - more than 4 times more than the next popular (the new intimidator vid). What does that say about us all??
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