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  1. What's a cheesesteak?? - We don't have them in England. Is it exactly as it sounds - steak with cheese or is it something completely different? Andrew
  2. Mine was the corkscrew as well - unless you include air because i dont know if it actually has any proper inversions in it. Andrew
  3. I thought Kumali at Flamingoland is a good Vekoma coaster. I rode it the year it opened and it seemed like a really good, and suprisingly smooth ride. I'd probably put Velocity at Flamingoland in second place. Andrew
  4. It took me loads of checking to find the elusive last ducky but with that one included, my answer is 9 duckies Andrew
  5. I've just heard about it here in England. Good to hear that everyone is OK. I'm just happy that I live in an area of the world that never gets earthquakes or anything like that. Andrew
  6. Last year, I managed 15 rides on megafobia in one day in august - the park was open for 12 hours that day though so maybe that doesnt count Andrew
  7. The start of the trip report is here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=374&linkid=3344 I don't think it has been publically announced but if you look on the park index page for 'Parc Saint Paul' then you can get those photos from there. Andrew
  8. Can everybody see all of the current photos from the current europe trip ok? It was fine last night but now all I can see is the first photo on the first page and thats it. Is it just my computer or is there something else wrong?? Thanks Andrew
  9. Thanks a lot. It all looks really useful
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to get cheap tickets for drayton manor? I'm planning to go there in august this year but there doesnt appear to be any discounts available at all. Has anyone got any suggestions?? Thanks in advance
  11. My Home Park is Pleasurewood Hills, England The best coaster there is either wipeout (which is incredibly smooth for a Vekoma coaster) or Enigma.
  12. Such a shame to think that there are people that would do this. Still, at least it looks like they will try to restore it. I haven't had a chance to ride it and so i hope they will be able to restore it.
  13. Wipeout is it's only name. The park was recently taken over by Grévin & Cie (the same people who own Parc Astérix) and so they renamed pretty much all of the rides. The only reason some rides appear to have two names is because they havent removed the old names for some unknown reason. The correct name for each ride can be found on the sign which has the height information etc. on it. I hope that helps
  14. Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm 18 and live in Lowestoft, England I'm at college atm studying chemistry and have exams soon really nervous about that. My nearest theme park is pleasurewood hills although the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and Joyland are only 30 mins away. I've only ridden 22 coasters so theres still thousands for me to try A random piece of information about myself?? I play the tuba
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