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  1. It gives you something to snack on when you're hungry Why can't people fly??
  2. Because they are amazed that pickup trucks aren't the only vehicles in the world Why is freight on a truck called a shipment and freight on a ship called cargo??
  3. Ok so there's a lot more to do than I was expecting. I'm gonna study Chemistry with a year in America in the hope that I will get some free time to go to WCB and see some of the parks out there. I was considering buying a moped or scooter or some kind of bike like that - would that be a good idea or is the public transport good enough to not need one? Andrew
  4. Unfortunately I won't get the grades for the University of Edinburgh but I thought Heriot-Watt was a great compromise. I'm a pretty outdoorsy person although I also enjoy music and musicals. I'm pretty open to most things really. The only thing that I don't really do is drink - kinda weird for a student, I know but maybe the money I save can be put towards a TPR trip. Andrew
  5. ^ Nope - there was a thing the mythbusters used during their ice bullet myth to take the tips from the bullets so they could be replaced with ice without damaging the shell or anything else inside.
  6. Is it the thing you use to seperate the two parts of a bullet??
  7. Hi everyone, If all goes well, I'll be going to uni in Edinburgh in September. I know theres not really any decent parks up there so I was wondering what else there is to do in any free time and also what it's like to live up there. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  8. My home park is Pleasurewood Hills. I only go there once or twice a year because it is really nothing special and very overpriced ($23 at todays exchange rate). The best ride is a boomerang so that gives you an idea of how good the place is.
  9. My first coaster was when I was 2 at Butlins in Skegness, UK. There's nothing on RCDB about it but from what I have seen from photos of me on it, it was a tiny blue thing, about 6 cars long with 1 person in each car. My first decent coaster, therefore ruling out all coasters at my home park, was Air at Alton Towers back in 1995. I only have 32 credits now - Can't you tell that my family arent into theme parks at all?? Yes, I know I'm deprived
  10. Can we have a hint of some sort??
  11. Looks like a spinner for an NMR machine to me
  12. ^ Go for it - in this type of game, it is generally accepted that the winner has 24 hours to put a new photo up otherwise its open to anyone that has a picture to post Andrew
  13. That reverse drop on Storm Force 10 caught me out last year - it was like someone crept up behind you and just dumped a bucket of water over your head. My TPR hoodie was soaked for days afterwards meaning i couldnt wear it at the West Midlands Safari Park for the rides there. Unlike most log flumes, the sign in front of this ride saying 'You will get wet on this ride' is an understatement
  14. 10/20 - is it better to get a high or low score in this????
  15. Well done guys!! Too bad I live in the UK and Big Mike hasn't been here since 2006 - no chance of me finding one of those this year EDIT: 100th Post
  16. Can somebody explain what the hole is for and the significance of the pic??
  17. My first ride will be one of the coasters at Thorpe Park - I haven't decided which one yet though as I haven't been there in 10 years.
  18. I found this on the BBC News website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/lancashire/7954537.stm At the moment, they have 6 cars from 'Roller Coaster', 5 boats from The Beaver Creek Boat Ride, the Space Invader car that used to sit outside of the ride for photos and some PMBO wheels listed on eBay. There may be more added at a later date though The link to the page on ebay is http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/blackpoolpleasurebeach_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
  19. ^ thought so - i just wasn't sure what that particular part was cos i thought the pads were the rubber bits on them
  20. I felt sick after riding megafobia 15 times in a row. Other than that, only one ride has made me feel sick after just one ride - it was a Zamperla Kite Flyer. maybe it was something to do with being face down and spinning
  21. ^ No idea which it is - I just found a photo of it. Well done Kennyweird. Your turn now
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