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  1. Stewie gets a large piece of glass in his head: "Do I take it out or leave it in? Do I take it out or leave it in?" as he runs in circles
  2. No, Intamin would not build their own coaster for about 40 years
  3. Wait, lawyers have a good name?! I hate these lawyers as it is NEVER their clients fault. You child/spouse stood up during the ride, and they deserved the injuries they got. Now I know in some rare cases, it isn't the riders fault, and in those cases, the parks settle them without going to court.
  4. ^but SFGAm had more land to work with and a bigger budget This expansion will cost 20 million dollars, and that is a lot of money considering this will be a family attraction. I think this looks good considering the few attractions they will have, but they have something for everyone.Plus they have the largest water play area which the GP will love.
  5. Do I see a ban coming? People need to get a life if they think it is okay to steal these videos. While they are free, people at least should have some ethics.
  6. This park looks like it could give Disney a run for its' money as it looks like it will rival almost all major parks around the world. The coasters look great, and the entire park looks well themed. I found a link that has some constrcution pics along with more info on the park. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubailand
  7. The McDonalds at the corner of Surf Ave. What ever happened to Robbs novel?
  8. As of now, 14817 users have joined since the forums started
  9. no Should RCT go back to the graphics that were in RCT2?
  10. Well, technically, they got back from their Scandanavian trip, but that was an add on to the UK trip.
  11. I think it was just a special celebration that Alton Towers held and not a private party, and if it was just a celebration, then they should have rescheduled the wedding.
  12. No Do you think Snyder/Sharipo will hold their current position in 5 years?
  13. ^It would be $3,832,053.64 While a diffrent coaster would have been a safer choice, some park has to take a chance, and to prove my point, imagine if KBF didn't take a chance with corkscrew. This design gould become big as it is relativly cheap, and it is a ride the GP will love.
  14. Loggers Run at SFGAM because you get airtime on the main drop.
  15. All I can say is that that is messed up, but the "news" is funny. I happen to like the one about you on the obstacle course.
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