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  1. I'll admit that the park is not in the best shape. It is better now since they put fresh paint on the rides/buildings, and had better staff. This was because it was the parks 45 season. They have been getting larger crowds since, because they had good size crowdes even late in the season on a Sunday night.
  2. Santa's Village is running into some trouble since the land it is on has been sold. They have until 2008 to leave. The park is historic since it was one of the first theme parks, and one of the first in a chain. The other two parks located in California have since closed. The park opened in 1959 at a cost of 1 million dollars. The park went through changes including the Polar Dome, Racing Rapids, Coney Island, and Old McDonalds Farm. A former owner also owned the now defunct Adventure land. When that park closed, several of the rides were moved to SV. In 1998, after a year of delays, the park opened Typhoon. This coaster is fun, but very rough. This is a great park, and I do not want to see it lost. If it is saved, they will move to a town about 30 miles west. I think this park will be saved, since they are drawing some good crowds even this late in the season. For more on the parks history: http://comunidades.msn.es/SantasVillage
  3. I got this idea off of SFGAM world. One person puts something, and the next person puts something about that and so on. ex. snow-cold-ice cream-cold stone-etc. Sun
  4. Lets see what rough coasters have I been on: Boss Typhoon American Eagle Hades(yes it is rough)
  5. The parks near me are SFGAM, and the worlds best park Santa's Village.
  6. Yeah, too bad it was rained out. I hope the Yanks win since the Sox would probably be knocked out if the Angles won. I just hope the sox can continue winning, and not choke like they did at the end of the season.
  7. http://rcdb.com/id1197.htm ^Best coaster name ever http://rcdb.com/id2867.htm
  8. ^Is wrong(it 40* here) < just got back from SFGAM V has been to SFGAM
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