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  1. I have decided to TPR...wait RCPro. Since as Robb said we aren't used as to as much fun as this site is. The strange part s that he was right. RCPro really does suck.
  2. Raging Bull-front row, outside Going down on the edge of the track while in front row is one of my favorite coaster experiences.
  3. Dropkick Murpheys: Time to Go The Gangs All here The Warriors Code R.E.M. Nightswimming Stand Other: C'mon C'mon-Von Bondies We're not going to take it-Twisted Sister Ocean Avenue-Yellow Card 100 Years-Five for Fighting Holiday-Green day The Tra La La Song-Liz Phiar
  4. Batman: The Ride-The second half of the rides with the turns and corkscrews almost cause me to grey/black out which has never happened on any other coaster.
  5. Your TR's continue to be the best I read. You show of the park, tell what you did, and use the funniest park photos to do it. Good job, and while the wait for the new ones are a little long, they always seem worth the wait.
  6. Well the White Sox continue to suck, but this happens every year. Hopefully they can pull themselves together and win the wild card.
  7. Why is there braille of drive through ATM machines?
  8. what? no Does Maverick appear to be better than MF?
  9. I don't think that there is a lot to do in a park, and I thimk it will be hard for it to survive. They need more major rides and mabe a Powder Keg type ride, but maybe those will come in the future. It looks nice, but like I said earlier, there is just not that much to do.
  10. That made today even better. I really like these Jaws videos, and while not as good as the first one, it's still really funny.
  11. This ride looks amazimg, and while I probably would have liked a large 10+ looper more, I've got to say that this looke to be the best coaster CP has added since... well ever. It is nice to see a family thrill ride added, and like Robb, I am also reminded of Powder Keg by this ride.
  12. This is just so sad to me. I tis park was given a bad reputation from the 2005 midwest trip tr, but I really liked the park. Even though I never visited the park often, I thought it was a nice small park. It is made even worse since it will be used for real estate.
  13. Since I started riding coasters, it would be 3 years. Viper(02)-Raging Bull(05)
  14. I think it is around or on the same day as when BGE announces their new coaster, so probably around the 23.
  15. Why is it that people think the largest coaster in their home park is also the worlds fastest?
  16. I think so Do you take your camera every time you visit a park?
  17. It could be Universal Japan's juinor hyper, but then again, it could be an unannounced ride.
  18. These are some of the best comics that I read, and I continue to look forward to the next one.
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