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  1. Does anyone els think this coaster will make 2-3 laps like an impulse? This coaster seems too short to give just one lap per a ride, but in that short distance it should give a great ride.
  2. Mt. Everest is tall Does Cedar Point have too many Intamin coasters?
  3. yeah Is this the most simple yes or no question?
  4. It was yesterday, but you can probably watch a rerun some time in the week.
  5. Today in 1985, Z-Force(aka Flashback) opened at SFGAM!
  6. SFGAM-3 American Eagle(red)-1 American Eagle(blue)-2 Raging Bull-4 Viper-5-7 B:TR-2 Whizzer-5-9 V2-1 SFEG-1 Boomerang-1 Halfpipe-2 TwisterII-2 SFSTL-1 Boss-1 River King-1 Screamin Eagle-10+ Lakeside-1 Cyclone-10+ Wild Chipmunk-1 Plus 1 FEC
  7. ^that's America for you Nice video, and it is probably up with the Europa one in terms of favorites.
  8. Until last year, I was scared too, but once I get in line, I know there is no turning back. It actually helped me, and I forgot I was scared until the drop. This happened on a lot of coasters, and now I love to ride them more.
  9. Mr and Mrs Roper had this to say: Do they have the right to sue: Who was there first-Alton Towers-no Did the move there knowing that it would expand-probably-no Can they complain even after AT said they would pay them to go out on fireworks nights-no Why do they have to sue every year?! These people own a factory that produces more noise than the park, and then they complain about a park that has the steepest sound restrictions.
  10. "Does that thing look like it has a face?" Robb "This place is (bleep)ing getto. I hope you put that in the video too." Dan "How many splinters would you get in your @$$ by going down this slide" Robb ...and any other quotes from Nara Dreamland
  11. Steel: 1.Raging Bull 2.Deja vu 3.B:TR 4.S:UF 5.Halfpipe 6.V2 7.Whizzer 8.Gemini 9.Wild Chipmunk 10.Boomerang Wood: 1.Cyclone 2.Boss 3.Hades 4.Avalanche 5.Viper 6.Cyclops 7.Screamin Eagle 8.American Eagle(blue) 9. Zeus 10. Blue Streak
  12. SFMM 6 CaLP 15 WOF 5 CP -13 SFOT 10 SFOG 16 PKD 8 BGT+ 12 SFNE 12
  13. fireworks go BOOM and light the sky up in...well, less than 10 colors.
  14. -first drop on Hades -Vipers double drop -Cyclops air time drop -Airtime hills on Screamin Eagle
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