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  1. There is no way that is funny. It would be very creepy and stalkerish to have a myspace in your name, and you didn't authorize it. Whoever did that deserves to be banned and/or have charges pressed.
  2. Cool, since all rides come from Mack(with the exception of Silver Star), would this be the company's first dark ride? It looks like it has an Atlantis theme, so maybe it will have a water feature some how worked into it.
  3. On a recent trip, it was pouring at SFGAM, but there was little lightning. They had to close the park down, and 5 minutes later, it stops raining for the day.
  4. Taste of Chicago in not a Dan friendly festival since they have little diabetic friendly food and an awsome log ride.
  5. That coaster looks painful unless something is done about the restraints. The zero-G looks looks like it is too sharp to be taken without being rough. The only good parts are the hills that should give some airtime.
  6. yes do you like saying yes to paeple?
  7. Shouldn't Vekoma Land be rated "M" for the screams of pain?
  8. I would send it to Mt. Olympus so they can get rid of the parking lot feel, some good flats, and a B&M. The rest would go to Conneaut Lake.
  9. Nice TR and photos, and it is good to hear effort is being made to improve SOB. Hopefully the same can be done to beast.
  10. Mine was American Eagle back around 2000.
  11. Of what is up there, i would have to go with SFFT. However, I think SFSTL is the best out of all parks since it is similar to two of the locations on the list, plus it is very well landscaped. Just like Kennywood and Dollywood, the terrain of SFSTL is very hilly, and the ravines provide several good drops on the Boss wooden coaster.
  12. Steel: S:UF- After you exit the barrel roll, the brakes quickly slow you down, and the block brakes after the 180* turn also don't fel good Wood: Cyclops or Pegasus-I don't remember the coaster, but all I could think after the brakes was ouch.
  13. I love Zippers since they throw you all over, but you don't feel sick when you get off.
  14. Some days the brakes are on hard and on others they aren't. When I went to the park earlier this year, the brakes wern't on hard, and every hill had air time.
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