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  1. I'll post a short overview of the day, and then the photos. Viper-What was going to be my first ride of the day breaks down less than 5 seconds after I enter the line. I would get to ride Viper later in the day, and the ride is still great. The ride is still very smooth and the same great -Gs are on every hill. 8.5/10 Raging Bull-Since Viper broke down, I decide to ride Raging Bull. I was in line for at least 30 minutes when, again the ride breaks down. After 10 minutes of the ops doing nothing, I leave line just as a new train is being placed on the tracks. I never returned to ride later in the day. 0/10 Other rides included: Whizzer-2 rides-I still think this is a great ride, and it never gets old. It is always fun no matter how many thime I ride it. 6.5/10 B:TR-This ride is still great, but it is very short. The final corkscrew is also getting rougher, but it is still a good ride. 7.5/10 Splashwater Falls-A good water ride, and you better bring extra clothes since you will need them after this ride. 6/10 Best water ride in the park V2-The launch is great, but this ride is not intense. The only part I had a "What am I doing on this ride?!" was on the back spike, but I haven't ridden this ride in several months. The ride is still a lot of fun, but it doesn't offer much. 8/10 Sky Treck Tower-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Great place for photos, but none of mine turned out beacuse some --- scratched "I lov u" with his key on the window in front of me. Now for the photos: ^Welcome to SFGAM ^Raging Bull ^The ride will break down in about 5 minutes ^Riders put thier lives in the hands of Intamin ^wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^From here, S:UF looks almost like an invert ^Insert Whizzer joke here ^What's this I see... ^Viper lives! ^HH entrance ^The new Tornado ^Random slides ^Viper from HH ^Looks like Elissa won't be going to the UK ^Skull Island ^Vertical loop photo since every PTR needs one ^Another vertical loop photo ^This is what coaster nerds call a zero-G roll ^You will not get wet Dan, and that is a promise. ^Okay, I lied ^Yankee Clipper was down all day again ^The park's spinning wild mouse ^S:UF had a long wait as usual ^hmmm, I don't remember New Orleans like this ^Have you seen my brother Robb? ^That's all from SFGAM
  2. Quick Trip to Myrtle Beach: $300 Parking Charge: $7.00 3 tickets to ride kiddie coaster: $1.50 Realizing that kiddie coasters are called kiddie coasters for a reason: priceless
  3. Only if the owners are from Canada Why do the Chokes excuse me, Cubs suck?
  4. Yes Do you like wood coasters more than steel coasters?
  5. This once again proves that Acers will eat anything.
  6. When I first read that, I was thinking of Amusement Today, but it is still sad that the amusement business' largest magazine is no more.
  7. Great TR as usual, and some of the funniest photos I've seen on the site. It's too bad that the best park in Myrtle Beach is going to close, but people would rather have a $300,000 home than a quality park.
  8. The Chicago Chokes are one of the worst teams in the MLB. Swing away and lose Cubbies!
  9. Timber Falls because of this one coaster:
  10. I found a link on screamscape, but I didn't join since I didn't like the site much. A few months later, I decided to give the site a second chance, and since I liked it now, I decided to join.
  11. Robb ran away and cried to his teddy bear Mr. Fluffy that...
  12. This could be a great ride if it is built, and it would show that GG won't just build coasters that will be "best new attraction of the year". It sounds like a ride that the entire family can enjoy, and going by the picture, it should have some nice drops and moments of air time.
  13. Can mine go back to the normal title whatever it is now thanks
  14. Nice TR, and I really want to get back to the park now that it is all open. Is the Parthenon still a big shed, or is their some themeing? When I went, only the ticket booth had a roman theme, so I want to know if it is getting better.
  15. I love the site, and I would never leave. NCF was the one that threatned to go. I know that it was a joke, and I wasn't offended. I make jokes to over at RCPro, so I don't care if you make jokes at us.
  16. Now before Robb and PT point their anger/sarcasim at me: Calm down PT, I'm sure he had a reason he didn't want that pic. To Robb: Their is plenty of fun on RCPro. Their is an admin in the air force who could...(removed by air force)...well I'll stop now. Back on topic for me: What is up with all the (insert something)? It is funny, but it is starting to get annoying having it change every day. annoying but funny
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