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  1. I have something like that in my closet...unfortunately, my laptop doesn't work and I can't upload pictures on here, but when I can, I'll take a pic of the thing.
  2. I started school back today and I already have a ton of home work...grrr....
  3. Ok, i'm really bored right now and i've been slaving over school work for the past week (reading and writing and stuff) and finally...I go back to school tomorrow. So, in honor of this, I have a little TR for you guys, it's called the night before going back to school, enjoy! yay, homework! and then i got bored of doing editorials and so i made this girl look like potc2 jack sparrow...OH YEAH...i'm supposed to turn that in too... aww, little kitty in my binder... this is what i'd look like in a coloring book holding pens DUDE, there's a pterodactyl on my binder! yeah, i'm the cool kid with the spider man lunch bags
  4. I had braces for a year and now I wear a retainer at night...here is the result! Straight teeth!
  5. WOW,that thing looks really neat! I would so drive one of those.
  6. There's no where in the world i'd rather be...then here in my room, dreaming about you and me.
  7. ^coconut! Gross! I like vanilla and chocolate, sometimes mixed.
  8. Mine is Daniel. I could have been Julian Day Prince III.
  9. ^Yeah, I wanted to work with rollercoasters, but it really is a fat chance. I still want to go into engineering though, just because i'm really interested in stuff like that.
  10. Yay, my sister and some of her friends are trying out sometime!
  11. I got a new pair of jeans and shoes and I must say that they are the sex. yummy
  12. I like Donkeys better, there's about 4 or 5 of them by my house and they go "HEE HAW".
  13. Ugh, I also have to relate the two books i'm reading to each other. GRR.
  14. I go back next Thursday...I need to read and stuff!
  15. Ugh, I hate summer reading. I also hate having to do stupid opinionated essays on some stupid news paper articles. All of it is supposed to be done by next Thursday when school starts back. GRRRR.
  16. I <3 Harry Potter, i'm going to help him find all of the horcruxes!
  17. The pic of you seperating Mark and Johnnie makes you look like Nosferatu... However, the last pic makes me go AAWWWWW.
  18. I got a hair cut yesterday...can you tell a difference. after before
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