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  1. Do we plan and separetly pay for the flight to whatever airport the group takes off from?
  2. I already now some french, though I am nowhere near fluent, I was planning on finishing it in College, I didn't know that B&M And Intamin where in french speaking regions, Thanks for the Tip.
  3. The wheel Structure rotates off off the train, It could turn, but it would have to be a fairly large radius. Any other way I designed it, It ljust looked to cluttered, and I did want to place well in the competition. One of the Big sticking points for the Judges, is neatness, and clarity. Next year I think I'll have to sacrifice some of that, so I can make it a lot more realistic, and score well because of that.
  4. "Muwahahahahahah Ahhahahahahahahah! " An Op actually did a really good evil laughon ST at MA as the train I was on was leaving the station
  5. ^^ Yeah I plan on working as a CAD operator through college, and then find a job hopefully,(don't laugh) apprenticing for a designer, and move my way up through the ranks, with a number of projects under my belt, and then start my own business. I've been pretty dedicated to this for a while. I've been hammering out all of my high school courses in math and science, so I could take classes at my local C.C. while the school still has to pay for them. I finished all of my high school's math ans Science courses at my high school Sophmore year, and took trig at GRCC last year. This year I am taking Pre Calc and Calc 1 as well as College Physics 1 and 2. I am also taking German online because a numbver of designers are in Switzerland and Germany. Does Anyone have any other Ideas? My Senior Schedule isn't entirely cemented yet. ^and yeah I know its a bit small but It looked the best that way.
  6. for about a year now I have been working on training in mechanical engineering. Back in May, I entered a competition Called MITES (Michigan Industrial Something Something Society) I entered the drawing below, Which I designed on Mechanical Desktop. I think for next year, I am actually going to try to duplicate a B&M train. What do you guys think? I know the image isn't the greatest. i just found, my hard copy that wasn't mounted. I won third in regionals with this. This is a Launching Wild mouse train and track.
  7. Just start saving, I know its easier to with a goal, so create your own ballpark. Just use an educated guess.
  8. Besides, wouldn't be completely ignored not be too aweful, because you would be riding a bunch of coasters. Iv'e already prepared my self mentally for the ignorance to begin.
  9. I know I haven't posted yet, but I read everything on the site, and am eternally jealous of what you guys do. I'd love to do any of the trips. Last time, (the only time) I was in Italy, I nearly cried because I couldn't go to Mirabilandia, or Gardaland. Several conversations (arguements) occured because of my fellow travellers refusal to skip a couple touring days and drive hundreds of miles out of our way. Why are people so uncooperative? Proof of my coaster loving-ness (is that a word?
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