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  1. Yeah, whenever I'm with a group, I NEVER ask if I can cut, usually I'll just say "Hey, do you guys want to go before we do?" I mean, that's just stupid to cut! Anywho, a story to go with this...Onetime we were at SFOG getting in line for Batman and these kids just RAN past us in Gotham City! Well, my mom being a school teacher, she wouldn't allow it so she started yelling at them and made them stand behind us while we walked slow.
  2. I'm like...'5 "11. I don't want to get any taller.
  3. SFOG Goliath has awesome floater air! If Georgia Cyclone was smooth and they let off those trims...the backseat would be AWESOME!
  4. OMG JULIE!!!111 I feel so horrible now because I walked RIGHT past you when you were somewhere close to the Ninja and I thought "Hey...was that Julie? OMG, IT WAS!" but...yeah...
  5. So...I called SFOG's number on their site and it was a computer and it didn't tell me anything.
  6. rocky horror picture show=love i already know the time warp!
  7. Ok, so I know that SFOG is having their normal season pass day in November, but will friends without season passes still be able to get in for $10 like they always have been able to? Or is the new management going to allow it or what? Oh yeah, and who all is going? I am.
  8. meeee doing my patti lupone impression. fake plastic love
  9. last night V me and my friend kelsey went to sonic.
  10. ^neat! I haven't posted on here in a while... That's me and my friend.
  11. Is it sorta sad that I like just about every single fast food place?
  12. Aww, I liked the second one. Jack Russels are so cute.
  13. That really is just...wow...a little crazy. I mean, when you really think about it, how often do you hear about him? and now he's dead.
  14. You forgot to mention, aquatrax. I think it will be just a normal sit down coaster.
  15. ^There's som girl at my school with an industrial. I got checked out today because my mouth was hurting so bad! Well, it's good I got checked out...I guess...
  16. ^^I've gained like 20 pounds in 2 months (good thing) and my wisdom teeth are growing in and they are INFECTED. They hurt so bad.
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