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  1. YOU TOTALLY STOLE THAT LINE FROM ME! HOWEVER, I do believe it was I who sprung the leak.
  3. I love my guns too... GET IT, guns! You know...muscles...eh. Why did I have to be a white boy!
  4. For once, i'm not uploading a bug pic!!! Just...a normal one, I know, everybody is sad. :edit: So, the story is when I got out of the shower, I took the pic, (i was wearing clothes, just not a shirt) and I thought "hm, this is a good picture" so...you guys...seeing my shoulder...it's an exclusive pic.: EXCLUSIVE HOT SHOULDER ACTION!
  5. Apparently, I can't accept any of you until Dennis gets here. *rolls eyes*
  6. ^hahahahaahah that applies, you're in.
  7. :this isn't any kind of descimination or anything like that, it's just for fun: Hello everybody, My name is Jacob, and I'm here today to tell you about our new club or klan. It's called the CCK, which stands for the "Clumsy Catastrophe Klan". Basically, tell about your clumsy accidents and myself and Dennis will deliberate whether you can join or not. So far, here are the members: Jacob-President Dennis-Vice president Mark-Janitor (he only fell in a waterfall!) So....if you want to be in it, tell about your clumsy stuff, bye! -Jacob
  8. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...that's just a little extreme!
  9. The Scarlet Letter and How to read literature like an english professor or something like that. Also, we have to get 5 articles from a newspaper and write some essay type things on them.
  10. It's probably still standing, it said in the article they had to find out how to dismantle it. Shame it has to go, I really liked this roller coaster. (rode it 3 times)
  11. Hey everybody, my AIM messed up so I have NOBODY's name at all. I was just wondering, if I had you, could you please IM me or something so I know whose name I had. Thanks! -Jacob. Oh yeah, my screen name is xlr838801.
  12. ^Yay aviators! I want to touch your hair...just to see... me and my sister, awwwww.
  13. ...but then it went back to england...(i started this on page 1!)
  14. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6Y8Hux9phPA&search=harry%20potter%20parody I'm such a Harry Potter nerd!
  15. I love high school musical... "What I've Been Looking For"
  16. ^is lying Vwill self distruct in 3...2...1...
  17. Mel Gibson was actually a big hot dog! So everybody ate peacefully. then... (:edit: I love this thread!)
  18. I love the noise Mindbender (sfog) makes when it goes through it's loops.
  19. Actually...yes to that also. Can you fit under your bed?
  20. I went a few weeks ago and noticed that. I saw that Magnum's trains were half full so I thought WOO, nobody in line! I got up there and behold, half of it was roped off.
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