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  1. Pigeon: It's what's for dinner! Three years ago at Cedar Point there was a dead bird stuck on the catwalk of Corkscrew.
  2. Yes, last year I fell down a flight of stairs at school. Have you ever failed a grade?
  3. ...Do you guys know where the bathroom is? Robb and Elissa pointed him to the bathroom and on their way over...
  4. Agreed with everybody else about B&M clam shells. However, I don't like Magnum XL's lap bars, they hurt when you get airtime.
  5. To make the bristle clean as a whistle! This is a talent given to me by GOD! It'll take the will to take the pit, it'll take the pace, it'll take the GRAAAAAAAAAAACE!
  6. That second one doesn't seem too happy... I was in my lake by my house for about 4 hours today, it was fun.
  7. ...shat himself. So, the presidents turn into big robots and fight and everybody else is like "WTF" then, Tina Turner shows up and throws some shoes so...
  8. Okay people, i've trashed this idea...for mostly one reason. I could do this if I had people to help me, but the only help I have is my papaw, and today his alsheimers got really bad and I think he's too dangerous to work with. Me and him had an argument that he started for no particular reason. I'm lucky he can't walk that good or he would have gotten violent. So, sorry people, but no roller coaster, I can't risk it.
  9. I like Wanda Sykes, that girl is hilarious!
  10. ....there is a war between the glasses families and Robb. Robb judo chopped all of them and there was peace again throughout the land...it wasn't until.......
  11. DUDE, those are soo cool!!! I'll look into these.
  12. ...We sell K's, not Walls! So at this everybody and there momma got pissed and so a war started between TPR and...
  13. Hey...you guys are pretty cool... :edit: jk, jk!
  14. That park looks really good. There's a water park here in Mississippi called geyser falls which is also heavily themed...It's basically just tropical jungles, white beaches, etc.
  15. Yes, numerous times. Do you have a picture of a roller coaster on your wall anywhere
  16. mine are welding goggles besides that i don't have any...i need a pair...paricularly aviators.
  17. ^^my glasses are bigger and the next glasses i'll be wearing will be more "bug like" :edit: presenting...the NEW bug glasses!!!! HOT!
  18. That place looks pretty cool, I think we might be taking a trip there sometime... :edit: 500th post!
  19. My mom, sister, and I were riding the down side of Power Tower about 3 years ago. My sister of course, is praying and when it drops she opens her mouth but no scream...when we get to the bottom she lets out the most ear splitting scream i had ever heard, it was pretty funny. Another time, we where on the Mindbender and my sister was praying....again....and it started to go down the first drop and she raised her hands and my friend Lauren poked her arm pit and it was hilarious.
  20. I SERIOUSLY DON'T LIKE Tom Cruise. He's a horrible actor, people just like him because he's pretty. I mean...what kind of fool jumps on Oprah's couch, come on!
  21. English II Pre AP-B Geometry-A Theatre-A Guitar-A Spanish-B World History AP-C Anatomy and Phys.-A
  22. Hey Mark... jk, jk...Can you buy one of those things now *question mark*
  23. I'm going to get a better bug pic...I need to find some batteries for my camera first *goes to find some*
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