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  1. My cousin and I are getting a trampoline for our lake!
  2. .................................awkward....................................
  3. Just to let everybody know, I have wierd, depressing, scary dreams. This is probably one of the most recent. So, I went to sleep while watching TV so in my dream it was like I never went to sleep and something kept telling me "this is real". So, I look to the left of the TV and there's a face on the wall just staring at me. I get up and all the sudden the face turns horrible and scary and blackness oozes down the walls so i can't see anything but the face. I walk towards it and swing at it and it evaporates and comes back together and stares at me more, in a way that's like "GRRRRR", so I run and I keep hearing something hiss "this is real, this is real" and I ran into the hall where all the pictures have that face and once again the blackness is oozing down the walls and so I run through a door into my mom's room. I told my mom to wake up and when she rolled over she had that face. It was like everything went black except the face which had like fangs and evilness everywhere. It kept whispering and I couldn't wake up then finally I woke up and I was shaking and sweating.
  4. How about TPR's bug... since everybody calls me a bug when I wear sunglasses or goggles.
  5. Ok, so my grandad and I looked at the area and how much stuff we have...turns out instead of about 60 feet, we have 150 feet of track. I also found some PERFECT supports for the highest point...they're about 12 feet tall. I'm still trying to figure out how i'm going to get a car for it. But, it's going to be a lot bigger than I expected and that' the main point of this update. It's going to be slow work welding and everything and my grandad isn't exactly young (80 years) so don't expect tons of progress. :edit: so, after brainstorming for a while, i've developed a car and wheel assembly. don't worry everybody, I know how to weld and stuff so it should be easy to put together. :another edit: after thinking, i decided "hey, it might do like a chair if you lean back too far and flip!" so I decided to add upstops, not wheels, just metal fins, these are just incase it does decide to flip, so they might never be used. i edited the wheel assembly pic so u can see what i'm talking about. is this a good idea you think car assembly.bmp self explanitory untitled.bmp wheel assembly, looks flimsy, but it prob won't use anything but the wheels on top...
  6. Photo update! So basically I was bored and got some pics of pre-work stuff... newtrack-060616154523000.bmp this is what the final product should look like it will start above the monkey bars, go down, and come back up at the top of that shed (we need to clean that area out) could this be used as a support (question mark...mine key doesn't work) scrap metal we didn't use i think this is something we're gonna use to bend the rails...well...it looks neat! bansaw! even more rails! a few rails!
  7. Okay people, so here's the story. My mom and I were destroying this old dog house and a chain link fence. We piled it all in a junk pile and I realized "hey, that's a lot of scrap metal." So, then I walked to my grandad's shop and behold! There was like 60 feet of rails and even more scrap metal...hm...My grandad is a retired engineer...So, I'm going to build a roller coaster!!! WOOO, this is my prototype so it's basically going to be like one of those butterfly rides that goes back and forth until it stops. We've even got a motor or two that we can hook a cable up to pull it up and drop it. Tonight my grandad and I are going to discuss it and i'm going to show him the area I think looks right. I'll take pictures for you guys! -Jacob
  8. ^Your mouth was really wide on ttd. I havn't posted here in a while so here ya go! an actually good pic of me, and my new profile pic!
  9. Hm...it doesn't necessarily need it, but yes, theming and landscaping and stuff does make it look better.
  10. ..........um.........pictures?................when?.............
  11. I just changed my avatar, I look like a bug
  12. ^that's gotta suck I have an ulcer on the roof of my mouth, it hurts when I eat salty food.
  13. Wow, this is turning into a 5-minute-reply-chat room...
  14. ^nice My avatar is used to blind people!
  15. Hello Benjamin Richter! I am Jacob Prince, nice to meet you!
  16. OW! You crazy person! My wisdom teeth are growing in so my retainers hurt.
  17. I have an invisible retainer, you can't see it!
  18. That music was cool, but got on my nerves, I can still remember huming it going up the lift.
  19. I live a few hundred miles north of the coast, but we had to get new shingles during Katrina. I remember when I went to Houston, I was in a hurricane and my sister and I were riding on a motorized wheel chair...
  20. I havn't seen one in real life, but I saw a video of one that was in Houston. It looks really cool, I want to see one.
  21. Depends what's going on at the time...for example, if i'm listening to my ipod, I take that in there with me. Onetime I was talking on the phone and took it with me...
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