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  1. www.myspace.com/woah_killa i think that's it...anywho, it's just for tpr ppl
  2. Unless you did a lot of terrain work, how could you relocate Mindbender at SFOG?
  3. Hey Joe, I go to SFOG a lot, but how do you think the crowds will be this Monday.
  4. Man, this update is making me really excited, i'd be willing to pay for it.
  5. That's a little bit creepy and deformed...*is sick*
  6. OMG, i'm soo pissed off that I can't read or write! Also, my pen won't clean out my sinuses!
  7. I'm going to SFOG Monday with Mandy. I've been bipolar the last few days, but now i'm happy and I think it'll stay like that.
  8. I wanna see you with your brace off now!
  9. I have the smaller version of it the dragon or whatever. It sits on my dresser in my room.
  10. Ugh, i'm really frustrated, tired, and depressed right now.
  11. Italian...no...Korean...yes. When I was like 3 I looked like the kid off the omen...*shrugs* When I wear my glasses I guess Harry Potter, but I don't have green eyes.
  12. Hm...I think i took some pics last night...I like these the best: OK, so, I don't really have a mullet, it was the goggles. I'm not really that red.
  13. We shoot a lot of fireworks...
  14. I have one of those, but I built it by the instructions or whatever.
  15. "I would like you to meet my girlfriend from Canada! Her name is Alberta but she lives in Quebec!" I just vibrated...weeeiiiirrrddd
  16. I have an even cooler birth mark *wink wink*
  17. I have an even cooler birth mark *wink wink*
  18. I voted for premier. I like Schwarzkopfs better, but everybody already talks about how good they are, and premier is just...yeah... plus, i like mr. freeze.
  19. hm...looks about the same to me...except yo hair be different guh!
  20. Awww, thanks! I love Rasberry Iced Tea. Uh....riiiiight
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