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  1. I don't think Wild Eagle has sand, I remember watching the testing video and hearing the roar.
  2. It's a tie for me between Intamin and B&M. I chose B&M because I've been on more and I haven't been on a bad one that disappointed me. They may not be the most intense on the planet, but they are good fun, reliable, and their hypers are amazing. Intamin holds a special place for El Toro alone, it's my favorite roller coaster I've been on, and I don't know if anything can top it.
  3. This is so weird, I can't believe that 3 B&M's are going to be running backwards. I don't think anyone was expecting anything like this.
  4. I know it would be expensive, but I always wondered why no one has done like a turntable type ride, with multiple layouts, and the turn table spins in the dark, and you don't know what layout you get until the doors open and you're going up the lift. That'd be nifty, obviously not something by a large company, but maybe like a compact Eurofighter.
  5. Could it be a Starflyer also, don't they travel at relatively close speeds to that?
  6. iPhone 5. iPhone 5 Case Screen Protectors 4GB of RAM for my Macbook Laptop cooling pad PJ Pants/Shirts/Clothing A Winter Hat Care Box (Deodorants/etc/stuff like that lol) Ke$ha's new CD Warrior and her bonus Acoustic EP Vans Slip On Shoes Calvin Klein Wallet Hells Kitchen Season 1 DVD 110 in Cash 200+ in cash for the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in February.
  7. The Hangtime in Batman: The Chillers top hat was awesome. I love it. I also love all those crazy a$$ flat rides that hold you in all sorts of weird positions. The only kind of hang time that gets me, is on Boomerangs during the pull back, and rides like Power Surge, when you're not hanging upside down, but more so 90* pointing the ground. But it's still awesome.
  8. Is there a simple tutorial that you use for your HDR shots? I was browsing your Flickr and I was in the Busch Gardens Tampa set, and I noticed the 2 Montu photos and the edited brighter/HDR one is amazing, but I'm curious as to how you did that with only 1 photo
  9. I like how B&M couldn't comment on the inverting hyper/mega coaster. Sounds like one is coming in the near future
  10. Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs-pOkZHDdA
  11. The winding down woosh noise that Kingda Ka makes when it hits the magnetic fins. The screeching from Rolling Thunder is a nifty sound. As well as the roar from Chiller when it was still there, it was loud as heck and you could hear it everywhere.
  12. Someone over at Nolimits-Exchange figured out how to make the images larger! From Silver Dollar City 2013
  13. Lana Del Rey announced her new re-release/EP two days ago. Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. Comes out on November 12th. Tracklist: 1. Ride 2. Cola 3. American 4. Gods & Monsters 5. Body Electric 6. Blue Velvet 7. Bel Air 8. Yayo 9. Burning Desire (iTunes Bonus) Preview all the new songs in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpJUm5C07_0 Lead Single "Ride:
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