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  1. Yeah, GADV doesn't care at all about weather, during their Spring Break week, we went that Thursday, and it was 37 degrees, cloudy, misty, foggy, etc. Everything was open. Ka was constantly up and down though, because it would start to drizzle for 5 minutes, then it would reopen. What kind of crappy are we talking about with El Toro? Rough? Because when I went, it rode the same for me as it did back in 2006/2007. At least in my opinion. As for cold and speed wise, I definitely didn't think the Crossover hill was delivering like it did, but it was also 37 degrees, rides run significantly slower in the cold. Fun Fact: I was the first public rider (GP but not really since I'm a TPRer) to ride the back row of El Toro. I just so happened to be the first in line for the soft opening on June 11th.
  2. I remember back in 2006 when the ops on Nitro and El Toro would race down the sides of the train checking the restraints. I remember sometimes returning from a ride on El Toro and not even stacking, just coming right into the station because the other train dispatched already.
  3. I would love to be on one of these lift stops or evacuations, so when there's a news crew waiting to interview me. I could just be like "Contrary to popular belief, these things happen all the time on roller coasters, and are actually super safe. You're twisting the situations to make it seem like the ride killed 80 people when all that happen was people had to walk down stairs."
  4. I heard El Toro just fell apart because of the fog. Someone DMed me on myspace.
  5. See, I literally think B&M flyers are the comfiest things ever, like if I could replace my bed with a single flyer seat, and have it suspend me face down. I would probably sleep 10x better. I love it. Then again, I'm weird and I like pressure on my body when I sleep, which is basically B&M flyers.
  6. When I went, the only bad operations I experienced were on El Toro. Ka isn't the ride operators fault, don't blame them. They can't help that the state won't allow them to operate with Zumanjaro. I don't mind slow operations though, at least when I'm sitting in the train, because most of the seats are comfortable, especially B&M trains If I have to sit on the break run for a few minutes, as long as it's not 800 degrees, I don't mind.
  7. I figured it was 5pm start. Sweet, tempting to forget about inviting "friends" so me and the boy can get there at 5pm and not any later.
  8. What time does CAD start on Friday, I can't find any information about it anywhere, or I'm blind
  9. Wow, with all the grass grown in, it looks really really really nice.
  10. 90% of the train was empty on Thursday, granted it was 39 degrees and misty
  11. They could always make Green Lantern a Sit Down coaster instead of floorless.
  12. Also, not a big fan of Green Lantern, it's fun, but it makes me feel like my legs are going to explode and I don't like that.
  13. Yeah I definitely didn't get much sleep the night before. I got home from work around 12:15am and then didn't get to be until 3am and woke up at 9am.
  14. I hope when I was there yesterday the weather made my body act up, I mean I did have a bad headache the night before, that lingered into the morning. I was getting motion sick on every ride. Granted it won't stop me, but I used to be able to marathon Batman The Ride, Nitro, El Toro and I didn't even want to go more than twice because I felt so sick.
  15. I was at the park for a few hrs today. It was freezing. I hit up el toro when I first got to the park. El toro crew was brutal. They weren't even opening the air gates till the exit platform was clear. Very bad if that's how they are going to do it all season. I got a few rides on Ka, and couldn't take the cold anymore. When I rode El Toro they were opening the air gates as soon as they unlocked the restraints
  16. Toro and Nitro definitely opened late. We got here at 10:45 but Ka was running, but kept going down for weather. Around 11:30 Toro and Nitro opened. Everything seems to be open now.
  17. They were running all 3 trains on Nitro when it opened, but took one train off because the park is dead. It's so dead I managed to ride Superman twice in a row in the front row. No lines are out of any of the stations. Kingda Ka is up and down, it's been up but every time I go to ride it closes because rain lmao
  18. I heard C train was smooth too so maybe they just used C parts for the A train
  19. A train on Nitro has a ridiculous rattle in the back. It's jarring. very very uncomfortable.
  20. I'm at the park right now and everything is running and El Toro's crew is slower than hell. It's been about 10 minutes for one train...also only one train. Nitro is running great with all 3 trains.
  21. I'm going to the park on Thursday and hopefully it's dead. I know it's going to rain so I'm putting my phone in a ziplock bag and saying F it, I want to be soaked. I love it, even if I am cold, oh well.
  22. Back in 2006 while in line for El Toro, someone insisted to me that Kingda Ka wasn't really 128mph, it was only 70mph and that Six Flags was lying I argued with him for a little because it was ridiculous, but then I had to let him win because he couldn't be told he was wrong, even though I never usually back down if I'm 100% right.
  23. What if by a 1% chance we got a New School B&M with Old School B&M forces... I know, I know, wishful thinking that won't happen, but I would welcome it with open arms.
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